9 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Elizabeth Perkins”

  1. In her twenties, she was just another pretty cutesy girl. In her 50s, she is nothing short of spectacular. As are so many women.

    The pic of her in the leather dress with the side-boob shot is worth following this blog in its entirety….

  2. Even in as somewhat innocent a movie as “BIG” she totally carried the seduction scene with Tom Hanks….except where he turns the light back on, he’s got big props for that.

    1. I think she didn’t get enough credit for that movie. Whilst Hanks’ character was learning maturity, hers was un-learning, as it were, returning to a more spontaneous, innocent state.

  3. All I gotta say is, anyone who likes Elizabeth Perkins and hasn’t seen Weeds … you’re really missing out. You’ve got 8 seasons of catch-up ball to play, and it’s entirely worth it.

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