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    1. It’s the Teutonic idea of Ordnung, Brad. They had their group that saw the left lane as the “fast lane” as well, but when I lived over there, there weren’t too many like that.

      The US has become a people of scoff laws when it comes to the highways and speed limits. Most of the close shaves I’ve had were the result of speeders not caring what kind of problems they cause for others. The Police are just as bad here in NC, yet they have the utter gall to write tickets for the same type of law breaking they commit. And they wonder why people like me hold them in contempt.

  1. QM is dead on….the Germans fine the living heck out of drivers on the Autobahn (anywhere really), who hog the fast lane, don’t use their signal indicator, and their heavy trucks (not 18-wheelers, but plenty big enough), will get vielen (many) hits in fines and on their commercial license if they block traffic by being slow. Their truck drivers will come over if you signal with high beams that their aft end will clear your front end. Oh, and long before the US did it the Polizei would TAKE blood from you if you didn’t voluntarily give breath/blood for DWI suspicion. Then there is the cost for a German to get a drivers license. Their POI is w-a-a-a-y-y above our “Drivers Ed” programs and 25-30 years ago a German could expect to ultimately pay 2500.00 US for that license. Oh yeah Der Deutsches got that societal order thing figured out, for the roads anyway.

    1. I need to mention here that German Police are empowered to collect the fine on the spot. And, while there is a lot you can do, if you cause an accident you are in very deep sauerkraut. Veeeeeeery deep.

  2. Short skid marks on the Autobahn. Just think QM, green now has a different meaning here in this country.

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