Kindermord in Philadelphia and a Deafening Silence in the Media


The horrific details of the five weeks of the Dr. Kermit Gosnell murder trial have come to light in various places of late.  However, the mainstream media has consistently shuffled the trial to the electronic and video version of “below the fold”.   Some are beginning to take notice.  James Taranto in the Wall Street Journal last week wrote a disturbing piece about the “house of horrors” Gosnell orchestrated, and the complicity of other abortion clinics in referring patients to Gosnell despite the legal limitations

The grand jury’s account suggests that other abortionists treated him less as an outlaw than as a niche player in the abortion market. He earned a bad reputation in Philadelphia but received referrals from across the Eastern Seaboard. Many of the women dispatched to him were “well beyond” 24 weeks pregnant, the legal limit in Pennsylvania.

The grand jury did not name any of the clinics, hospitals or doctors who made referrals to Gosnell, except for a Delaware clinic where he also worked part-time. Its narrative suggests, however, that “legitimate” abortionists routinely availed themselves of Gosnell’s services to help their patients evade legal and ethical limits on late-term abortion.

The 2010 Federal raid on Gosnell’s butcher shop was a narcotics raid, and it was only then that the conditions in the clinic came to light.   The grand jury in this case makes it clear that many, many “legal” abortion clinics abetted Gosnell’s activities and his business there.

We are incessantly bombarded with the dubious, politically-slanted notion that the firearms of law-abiding gun-owners are somehow “on the street” and present a threat to the “safety of our children”.    Because “keeping our children safe” is a “national responsibility” and justification for disarming the populace, restricting freedoms, and expanding the power and reach of government at the expense of parental rights.  Those who assert that my firearms are a threat to “the children” are in large part a major component of the rabid pro-abortion lobby, who euphemistically call the stance “pro-choice”.

He or an untrained staffer would induce labor, deliver the baby alive, and then perform the procedure they called by the chilling euphemism “snipping”—slashing the infant to death with scissors to the neck and spine. “Over the years, there were hundreds of ‘snippings,’ ” the grand jury found. But bodies had been disposed of and files destroyed, so the evidence was sufficient to prosecute in only seven cases. One of those victims, a neonatologist testified, was a boy of “32 weeks, if not more, in gestational age.” That is, his mother had been at least 7½ months pregnant.

Adam Lanza, a mentally-ill man of 19 murders his mother, and shoots twenty children and six adults in December of 2012.  The cries in the media and the Obama Administration for restricting the rights of the law-abiding and making ever-stricter gun laws was deafening, on every major network for weeks, and occasionally still there.   Even as the Left admitted that draconian restrictions won’t do a thing to prevent such an act of evil.  The “national discussion” was but a tirade from the gun-grabbers, with a complicit media dutifully broadcasting, and often advocating.

Hundreds of babies killed after live births?   Not a peep from the Administration, decidedly subdued coverage in the national media.  Why, Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke an unkind name made much bigger headlines than this.   Porquois?  Because Roe v. Wade is among the holiest of holies on the far-left.  And a beholden MSM would not dare dream of casting abortion in a negative light.  Even though, as Taranto so eloquently asserts;

The grand jury’s report should also be seen as an indictment of America’s post-Roe abortion industry. Its indifference—at best—to legal limits made possible the deaths of untold numbers of babies, lending credence to the argument that legal abortion is a slippery slope to infanticide.

There is far more truth in that statement than in all the anti-gun propaganda promulgated by those people who want guns banned and abortion legal.   Notice Obama spoke at Planned Parenthood, and claims the NRA “lied” about his gun control push.

The hypocrisy just kills you.  Eventually.


As if on cue, these words of partisan venom today from our Protector of Children:

“The fact is, after decades of progress, there’s still those who want to turn back the clock to policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st Century…

Strange.  I seem to remember the Massacre of the Innocents being quite a bit longer ago than that.  The babies who had been born alive and had been killed over the decades since Roe v. Wade inside Gosnell’s abortion charnel house could not be reached for comment.


GUILTY on three counts of MURDER and one involuntary manslaughter.   Wonder when the press will cover it?

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  1. Gee, and here I thought that abortions/abortionists such as this were supposed to NOT exist because of pro-choice. Thank goodness I’m from the other end… confusion for me.

  2. I have a great-niece that was born prematurely at 28 weeks. She weighed 1 lb. 12 oz. I have technical books that are heavier. She is nearly four years old now, all sunshine and smiles, no health problems, thank God. Gosnell murdered a boy at least two weeks older than her, joked about how big he was, then flipped him over and snipped his spine. LeRoy Carhart in Maryland murdered a child more than a month older and ended up killing the mother as well. What they did was not safe, not legal, and unfortunately not rare.

    The name of Obama’s god is Moloch.

    1. roamingfirehydrant,

      Amen. My youngest is a 27 week, 2 lb 14oz boy (now 13 yrs old.) A week later is when the butcher Carhart won his big case in Nebraska. I still remember looking at our living, breathing “fetus” when the news came over the radio.

      And when we moved out to Nebraska…yeah, I remember seeing the ambulances at the back door of his (Carharts) butcher shop. Gee, if it’s so safe, why the clandestine ambulance services?

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