The Real Agenda in the Wilkerson Case

It has little or nothing to do with objective justice.

The conviction’s reversal and Wilkerson’s subsequent transfer to Tucson prompted Thursday’s protest, organized by Protect Our Defenders, an advocacy group for victims of military sexual assault. Members of that organization say they will publicly call on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to remove Wilkerson from the Air Force. On Monday, their president, Nancy Parrish, also sent a letter to Hagel requesting that Franklin also be dismissed from service.

Franklin’s decision to reverse the military jury’s ruling, Parrish said in her letter, “clearly conflicts with his responsibility to further good order and discipline within the service … Lt. General Franklin must be fired.

“What powers could Lt. General Franklin possess that would make him a better judge of the credibility of witnesses than the actual court members, who observed the testimony?” Parrish asked. “He did nothing more than protect a fellow pilot.”

Hey lady, he is the Convening Authority.  Look it up.

Lieutenant General Franklin did what he thought was right.  Not what he thought would placate an organization like yours that would severely curtail the rights of the accused and does business with such man-hating and uniform-hating luminaries as Susan Burke and her ambulance chasers.

Sexual assault is a serious issue.  But having a case like this one become the rallying cry of people such as uber-liberal Nancy Parrish who are constantly looking for male scalps with short hair on them, as a means of furthering their cause (and funding) disgusts me to no end.   For people such as that, the Tailhook Investigation is the starting point for the model of “justice” they want.  Which in no way qualifies as such, and never will.