Busy day. Look, you got EIGHT posts yesterday, so quit yer whinin’.

Drop a dime, get results.



Please don’t have a cow over the Chinese Carrier Killer missile.

There’s a reason they call ‘em missiles instead of hittiles.


What goes up, must come down.

Just how it comes down, that’s a question of engineering.


With a little luck, maybe more content later. In the meantime, here’s a quick “Name that Plane.” Yes, Jason, you can play.

ntp 4-24

9 thoughts on “Stuff”

  1. Best coin I ever spent was at the Riverside County Date Festival. Gave a quarter to the little monkey that goes around shaking hands. He has such a serious expression on his face. So earnest, so sincere.

  2. It is difficult not to notice that the Space-X rocket looks like a giant suppository. The cure for asteroids, perhaps?

    Now THERE’S your “ring of fire”!

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