12 thoughts on “NASA redfaced after lewd image snapped by Rover on Mars – NYPOST.com”

  1. Now all we need are a few “FTN”‘s and Mars will start looking like a Reactor Plant Control Panel.

    1. heh

      I knew a BM2 had “HOLD FAST” tattooed on his knuckles … and “FTN” tattooed on the inside of his lower lip.

    2. This was late 1990’s, so long after the book, but well before the movie.

      Jeff – I don’t think Boats saw any real inconsistency in it. He was an interesting guy.

  2. One has to wonder if the operator of the Mars Rover has this in his bio”

    “XXX served in the Marine Corps as an infantryman, with an additional occupational specialty of drawing d*cks in the tin heads out at Camp Wilson, at 29 Palms CA.”

    I would totally see that.

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