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If you haven’t read Mark Steyn, you’re just wrong. How interesting that a Canadian does a far better job of understanding the American ideal than so many liberal Americans?


At The Corner, M. Zuhdi Jasser has an article that stresses that the best way to fight Islamic extremism if for moderate Muslims to stand up to it.

Perhaps Boston’s terror may finally be the impetus to begin the long overdue process of retooling America’s current counterterrorism strategies. Since 9-11, except for the Fort Hood massacre, we have been fortunate enough to avoid the kind of devastation and loss of life that we saw this week in Boston. That was certainly not for a lack of trying by our enemies, with over 300 arrests on terrorism charges since 9-11. Of these, over 80 percent were Islamists. I’ve said it before — after 9-11, after Fort Hood, and after Times Square, this is a Muslim problem that needs a Muslim solution.

The Tsarnaev brothers prove that the current Homeland Security “whack-a-mole” strategy is severely limited and rather flawed. The United States must address head-on the ideology of political Islam, which is the root cause of Islamist terrorism.

As details emerge about the identity and ideologies of the Tsarnaev brothers, it should quickly become clear that these individuals did not go to sleep one night normal American Muslims and wake up the next day al-Qaeda jihadists putting together pressure-cooker bombs. Their pathway towards radicalization will now be obvious to those who honestly connect the dots in retrospect. Far more important now is that leading reform-minded American Muslims, along with the U.S. government, the media, and academe, begin to confront and dissect the early stages of radicalization (Islamism), not just the last one (violent extremism).

About two miles from where I sit, the Muslim Student Association at UC Irvine so disrupted a speech by Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren that the university felt compelled to suspend the organization. For an entire quarter. How serious was the disruption? Serious enough that 11 MSA students were slapped with criminal charges. Wow. A whole quarter!

Is the MSA a terrorist front? Not likely. But it is a prime example of Mr. Jasser’s argument that unless and until the ranks of Muslims we are constantly told are so peaceful rise up to police their own community, many Americans will, with considerable justification, view Muslims with suspicion.

When the Boston Marathon bombs went off, I had no preconceptions as to who the perpetrators were.  But if pressed, I would have guessed some Muslim person or group, because that’s what the percentages tell us.

How do we as a society encourage our Muslim community to shed radicalism, while at the same time, keeping the heavy hand of government from interfering with the constitutional right to practice one’s faith?



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Nothing shows the insanity, the moral corruption, of the higher education system in America like this article.