Call Me Maybe

I’m pretty sure I posted this somewhere a couple months ago when it first came out, but it is making the rounds again, and I can’t be sure if I posted it here or not.

So, a couple years ago, Canadian pop singer made the wildly popular ditty “Call Me, Maybe” with a rather uninspired video. Then the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders last year made their own video of it, which, let’s face it, was awesome. So awesome, some US troops deployed overseas did a scene by scene cover. So call it a two-fer. Guys, watch the right hand side, ladies, watch the left hand side.


2 thoughts on “Call Me Maybe”

  1. Tough call for me, but the winner by a 40mm ammo belt is…..the gentlemen (not that I’m attracted to them but c’mon they got weapons)!

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