Boston Maggie Wins! Lindsey Graham Should STFU (actually GAFG)


Nobody, but NOBODY does outrage like our Boston Maggie.   With a mix of sarcasm and incisive logic (now and then) she can unscrew the legs of a stupid argument in the blink of an eye.    Perhaps it comes naturally to the Irish Catholic crowd in Boston.  Regarding Boston terrorism suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, apparently Republican Senator Lindsey Graham thinks we should bypass giving the accused the rights due an American citizen who is a defendant in a capital case.   Which makes Graham as despicable as anyone else who asserts such nonsense, irrespective of which side of the aisle they call home.

And so she does again:

…like it or not, Tsarnaev is an American citizen.  He gets due process.  That’s it.

If we abridge the Constitutional rights of this piece of shit, we will be doing more harm than he or his brother could have hoped for.

Everyone is talking about “Boston Strong”.  If we sell the Constitution down the river out of petty vengence, what is there to be strong for?

Read the whole thing.  It is short, but oh-so well done.  She nails it.   It is not the people, nor the government, nor its officials, nor my seniors whom I am sworn to support and defend.  It is the Constitution.   The same document Senator Graham and every other Congressman was sworn to uphold.   Irrespective of which side of the aisle.

So how ’bout we do it?

8 thoughts on “Boston Maggie Wins! Lindsey Graham Should STFU (actually GAFG)”

  1. Probably won’t matter, I doubt any of Boston’s finest will hesitate at the point of decision.

    1. Which is too bad, I’m sure we could learn a lot from him after he’s spent some time “alone” thinking about what he’s done.

  2. Seems he is in custody. Reports are that he has been wounded since last night.

    Might be willing, to avoid the gas chamber in a capital conviction, to start talking.

  3. The worst thing that can happen to a terrorist, is to live, he’s not a “martyr” for his cause. he will not have access to his 17 virgins, or some bull.

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