Iraq, Afghanistan, and Boston

It occurs to me that in spite of the large numbers of wounded, including an incredible number of traumatic amputations, the toll of dead so far in Boston was remarkably low.  To a great extent, I’m sure, this was because of the tents full of medical personnel right at the finish line of the race.

But it occurs to me also that advances in shock trauma care as a result of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have also filtered back to stateside first responders and ER  and OR rooms, giving medicos better tools for lifesaving. I suspect that no few individuals that might have died of exsanguination were saved by techniques that come to the fore in just the last few years.

3 thoughts on “Iraq, Afghanistan, and Boston”

  1. Indeed. Though, the size of the devices were limited by the requirement to be backpack portable, or thereabouts. A 250 kg load of even an improvised explosive in a vehicle would have been a catastrophe. Small mercies, to be sure.

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