CH-53E Crashes- All Survive

A Marine CH-53E helicopter with 21 on board was destroyed in what US Forces Korea spokesmen are calling a “hard landing.” All on board survived, though six are being treated in hospital and listed in stable condition.

The Super Stallion is a long serving asset of the Marines, with a generally good safety record. It’s far too soon to speculate on the cause of the crash. We’re just glad all aboard survived.

3 thoughts on “CH-53E Crashes- All Survive”

  1. Hard Landing my ass!
    I’ve owned helicopters, flown helicopters, and wrenched on helicopters (Cobras).
    That was a friken’ CRASH! I’m glad all got out. That was bad.
    A “Hard Landing” means the gear got bent, some things got stressed, and we can fix it in two weeks in the hanger.
    That is a total write-off. Nothing left salvageable.

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