Saturday Links

It’s a gorgeous day here, so I’m sitting inside sipping coffee. I’ll head out into the bright light later. Maybe.

FullBore Friday was a good one. CAPT Hughes speech was good and thoughtful, and the usual crowd from the front porch have a heck of a conversation going in the comments.


The Navy will name an oceanographic research ship after Sally Ride. Good call.


Program management of the Army GCV isn’t giving me a warm fuzzy


Now HERE is some good program management. Set realistic specifications, fix the design, build in quantity, with sufficient guarantee of future funding that long lead items can be ordered early. Drives down costs, shortens construction times, flattens the learning curve. Leads to easier future evolution.


It’s almost an entire hour, but worth watching.


It’s the 113th anniversary of the Silent Service.


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  1. Today, the war would be over (and lost) before we could get the environmental impact statement written, and Lord knows what small “endangered” species would have been found to prevent building of the Graving Dock in the mud flats.

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