Operation Teapot/Operation Cue

One of a family of nuclear tests conducted in the mid-1950s, Operation Teapot was a series of shots to study military tactics, and the effects of nuclear weapons. Other test series focused on improving weapon design.

One of the more interesting shots of Operation Teapot was Apple-2. In cooperation with the Civil Defense Administration, it was used to study the effects of nuclear weapons on common structures and infrastructure. When you see archival footage of houses being destroyed by nuclear weapons, that’s Operation Cue.


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  1. I hadn’t seen that film in years. One thing about being an AFBrat was I got to see a lot of footage of stuff like that. We watched Triumph of The Will in 1969 when I was in Germany. I saw more Army and AF training films than I can remember (I loved the Arty and Armor ops flicks – lotsa shooty/splodey). The Army also had a lot of film about the New Testament which I also saw. The Chaplain at Wilkins Barracks would get a sheet cake and set up a 16mm projector after evening services and we would watch a film about part of one of Paul’s missionary journeys, or some other biblical subject. Just depended on the whim of the Chaplain or his assistant.

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