Images of Dresden, 1992

Over at The Lexicans, Bill gives us a great tour of Dresden shortly after German reunification.

The massive project to integrate the former East Germany into a unified Germany had just started. Forty years of Soviet occupation found some of the most culturally significant cities of Europe still suffering deep scars from World War II, whereas the Western portions of Europe had been completely modernized and restored.

I too remember the incredible culture shock of seeing just how drab the former East German cities were.

4 thoughts on “Images of Dresden, 1992”

  1. When my father went PCS to Sembach AFB in early 1959, the FRG was still rebuilding from WW2. It was the tail end of it and pretty much over when we left in ’61. One DDR side, personal initiative was pretty much killed under Ivan’s thumb, and I was not surprised that there was still visible damage left from the war.

  2. With so recent an example of the stark difference between capitalism/a free society and communism/socialism/an enslaved society, I don’t understand the why the current POTUS and his cronies/political masters are so determined to go down that path.

    1. It is a matter of faith for those on the Left that “that wasn’t REAL Communism (or Marxism, or Socialism… whatever they’re willing to admit of themselves)” and “they did it wrong/corrupted it.” See, it’s only because THEY weren’t in charge. If only smart people like THEM were running the Soviet Union, it’d have been a paradise, you see?

      Remember, this is the group that feels intent is more important than outcome. If they INTEND to make the world a paradise, then that’s good enough. If the world doesn’t work out in accordance with what they wanted, someone else must be to blame (and generally, it’ll be all those greedy capitalists… somehow).

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