6 thoughts on “Don’t be “that guy.””

  1. Somehow that picture makes me feel better about the whole situation. Knowing that there is a pissed off squad leader out there laying down the law gives me a warm fuzzy.

  2. I retired 20 years ago next week. But I always – ALWAYS – remind people that no matter what the training, not matter the situation, no matter the briefing – Somebody never gets the word. And it’s always – That Guy.

  3. The picture reminds me of an FTX at Ft Bragg in 1971. When the battalion commander (4/68 Armor) found my platoon similarly clustered, he told me, “One 8 inch round will get you all.”

  4. One thing I always appreciated about being in an Airborne unit was the discipline…..when (not if) the PV1-SPC paratroopers came late to first formation from being too much the partiers the night before they dropped as they ran to formation late already, and it wasn’t just “10”, oh no, just kept pumpin’ em out until the 1SG was done with Roll Call and then there was still punishment for being late. I’m betting “that guy” is actually being smoked by an ATL Buck Sergeant……oh yeeaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

    1. Even as a DNL, in the light infantry, I was known to make a valiant effort to push Hawaii back into the sea. And don’t get me started on “Koala-fying.”

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