In Some Places, it Seems, the Behavior Comes Naturally

Bonn, Pressekonferenz Bundestagswahlkampf, Kohl

The Telegraph has an interesting article on former German Chancellor Helmuth Kohl, who admitted to “acting like a dictator” in forcing the Euro on Germany.   He admits he did so against the will of the people.   Consequences be damned.

“I knew that I could never win a referendum in Germany,” he said. “We would have lost a referendum on the introduction of the euro. That’s quite clear. I would have lost and by seven to three.”

So, let’s go over this again.   Your country’s people would have been overwhelmingly against an economic measure that you forced down their throats, with the idea that you knew better than them what was in their best interests….  You get what you wanted…

“If a Chancellor is trying to push something through, he must be a man of power. And if he’s smart, he knows when the time is ripe. In one case – the euro – I was like a dictator … The euro is a synonym for Europe. Europe, for the first time, has no more war.”

… and it is in the middle of coming apart at the seams, for all the reasons you were warned about heading into the deal.  The Euro certainly was not responsible for the peaceful existence of Europe since 1945, or even 1991.   The evolution from the European Common Market from a cooperative of heavy industry and transportation to the rampant and malignant socialism of today’s “come one, come all” European Union, was one from economic relationships borne of necessity to the wishful thinking of those who believed in the “no more borders” Socialist paradise.     With predictable results.  The weaker economies hitched on for the ride, which was provided by the industry and GDP of the stronger economies.   Now, the weaker economies are in free-fall, in need of constant injections of capital to keep the Euro from collapsing and taking the whole kit and kaboodle with it.

The article goes on to point out the hitch in the get-along with the idea of a common European currency (Which Margaret Thatcher so eloquently and presciently warned against!):

In the interview, Mr Kohl said that much of the resistance in Germany was to the idea of a currency union without an economic and fiscal union. The lack of fiscal union underpinning the single currency is the heart of Europe’s current debt crisis.

The “fiscal union” is precisely what Germany is pushing for, that they have some control over the profligate spending habits of EU members to whom they have given hundreds of billions in bailouts, with no end in sight.    The Greeks and Spaniards and Italians are quick to label the Germans as being officious and meddlesome, but even quicker to burn through German money to fund rampant socialism despite weak economies.

Hmmm……   Does that ring familiar at all?    The takers criticizing the earners as selfish and meddlesome for wanting some control over how the money they earned is spent.    Tensions, and emotions, are running high, as sovereign nations rediscover the value of that sovereignty.  No more war?  Stay tuned.   The Euro may be the single greatest impetus to the next one.

A Republic is not the thing of simple majority rule.  Nor is it the thing of an office holder unilaterally acting against the will of the people and the other institutions of government.   Should either occur consistently, there will be no Republic at all.   And then, “acting” like a dictator will not be “acting” at all.

2 thoughts on “In Some Places, it Seems, the Behavior Comes Naturally”

  1. URR, you are much to philosophical to have been a Marine. Somehow, I think you’re hoaxing us on the Marine part. 🙂

    If the “leader” is doing what he wants, rather than doing what the people want, then he’s a dictator, no matter what his title. In a constitutional Republic, often the leader and the people don’t get what they want because the basic law prohibits it. When you come to what we have, it’s neither Democracy or Constitutional Republic, it’s just a tyranny dressed up like a Republic.

    The political apparatus is just a bunch of scoff laws that get together to divvy up the plunder they get from the people they steal it from.

  2. Nope, pretty sure I am a Marine. Got the suit and everything! 🙂

    The ones you have to watch are the head-crackers who can wax philosophical about it….

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