Gun-Grabber Mayors Against Obeying the Law


The Bookworm Room asks a great question at the end of a great post.   Citing the collection of law-breakers who are whole hog coming after the guns and freedoms of the law-abiding in this country, BW posits:

I haven’t studied them, but what do you bet that they’re all Democrats?


Well, no.  They aren’t all Democrats.  Let’s review:

  • Sheila Dixon – Democrat  
  • Gary Becker – Democrat 
  • Larry Langford – Democrat 
  • Eddie Perez – Democrat 
  • David Delle Donna – Democrat 
  • Frank Melton – Democrat 
  • Buddy Cianci – Independent 
  • Samuel Rivera – Democrat 
  • Jeremiah Healy – Democrat
  • Will Wynn – Democrat
  • Kwame Kilpatrick – Democrat
  • Richard Corkery – Democrat
  • Adam Bradley – Democrat
  • Gordon Jenkins – Democrat
  • Roosevelt Dorn – Democrat
  • Pat Ahumada Jr. – Democrat
  • April Almond – Democrat
  • Tony Mack – Democrat

See? Not all Democrats. That should make us feel better about Bloomberg and his subjugation of our Constitutional liberties. Right?  Only 14 felons among them (out of 18).   Oh, and one merely facing felony charges.  Three assault convictions, one  for domestic abuse, and two convicted pedophiles.

Next time someone tells you that people like Bloomberg and his gun-grabber cabal are anything but corrupt low-life convicts eager to abuse power, show him/her this helpful pocket guide.