3 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Alice Eve”

  1. As a “soiled senior-citizen” or a “dirty old man”, who the doctors also say is a “fugitive from a coroner”. Even the County Coroner begrudgingly admits that last one. I was sitting in a ‘Dunkin Donuts’ at the end of a long serpentine counter. I saw her walk in in scrubs, I quickly checked my pulse and quickly said, “She’s not here for me, mine’s still beating.” She continued to wait for her coffee. Once she got and paid for coffee, she came down to talk to the loud-mouth (me). She said, “I can still pronounce you.” The whole place was full of Veterans and broke out into fits of laughter. It was good for everybody, today, I am the only survivor of that original group.

    I know the meaning of the terms “big time” and “exposure” in the context of your post, could be very interesting. Context is everything,

  2. Worthy successor to Bibi Besch.

    Also, I was originally going to say she definitely deserved to be featured in LOAD HEAT … but upon further reflection, I think you might need to come up with a category past HEAT for her. I think she’s more of a LOAD SABOT type. You know, the silver bullet straight to the heart …

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