Farewell to the Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher dead at 87

Margaret Thatcher

Britain’s only female Prime Minister, a friend and confidant of President Ronald Reagan and a staunch US ally, has died following a stroke.  She was 87.

Mrs. Thatcher held the office of Prime Minister from 1979 through 1990, and was a Conservative of immense stature at a time when Socialism was on the rise all over Europe and the British Isles.   And she halted, temporarily alas, the decline of Great Britain following the Second World War.   She had the courage to order the retaking of the Falklands, and understood the world of power politics in the depths of the Cold War.  She was also a LADY, albeit an Iron one.

Her warnings against the EURO and the European Central Bank were cogent and prescient.  But for Britain having followed her advice.


When the far-left feminists cite great women to hold political office in the modern age, they will invariably rattle off the names of the lessers, the second-rate and third-rate leaders  (virtually all liberals), including our own, as their heroines.  Almost NEVER is the name Margaret Thatcher mentioned, and when it is, there is either an inevitable qualifier that she was a conservative and therefor NOT a true “woman”, or a downright derogatory reference because she despised socialism and had utter contempt for the Socialists.  Ponder.

French President Francois Mitterand once commented that Mrs. Thatcher had the “eyes of Caligula, and the mouth of Marilyn Monroe”.   Be that as it may, she was a leader and a statesman, someone who stood unabashedly for what she believed in, and defended those beliefs with power and eloquence and unimpeachable reason.   Our current crop of GOP leaders could take a lesson from Maggie.

Rest in Peace, Mrs. Thatcher.  You will be missed.  I sorely wish America had someone like you at the helm.


A commenter over on the porch provided a most fitting epitaph for the incomparable Mrs. Thatcher, which was spoken of Winston Churchill by Harold MacMillian upon Churchill’s final visit to the House of Commons:

“The man you have just seen leave these chambers is unique in all of British history. The oldest among us cannot remember another of his like, and the youngest among you, however long you may live, will never see his like again.”

So it is true of Margaret Thatcher.

9 thoughts on “Farewell to the Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher dead at 87”

  1. You forgot the most important contribution she made to the modern world. She was on the team that developed Soft Serve Ice Cream!

  2. Though illegal….I’d have voted for her for POTUS every day and twice on Sunday. Apparently my people (Scots) still have a burning dislike for her even today (film showed them drinking champagne on news of her death) so I’ll have to take umbrage with my tribe on this one. One hell of a Dame!! Rest in Peace dear Baroness.

    1. The vile, small people are throwing parties over her demise. They are ingrates, and a bunch of other less savory and unprintable adjectives apply to them. Vile pretty much describes them, even if it isn’t strong enough a word.

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