Forty-One For Freedom

Navy propaganda film of the Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines.


This is in the days before the Trident (Ohio) boats.

Notice what you don’t see here. You can see the Missile Control Center, but you didn’t see one bit of the ship aft where the reactor or the machinery rooms are.  Nor did you get a glimpse of Sonar, and somewhat surprisingly, the Torpedo room. And I was really surprised there were no shots of the berthing compartments.

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  1. I thought it was an ad for Bryll Cream. A little dab’ll do ya.

    Believe it or not, the SSBN mission was one the Navy didn’t even want.

    1. The AF vs USN fights back in the late 50s were legendary. SAC was running off with a majority of the defense budget (one reason the AF wasn’t ready for Vietnam and had inferior AC in what they did have). The Navy operated the AJ Savage and later the A3 as the nuke capable bombers, but the AF put them in the shade. Boomers were the only thing the Navy was left with that would allow them to toot their horn and look like they were actually worth something in all the service propaganda that circulated at the time. I didn’t realize the Navy still existed until I finally met an Uncle who was in 1964. I, of course, knew there was an AF, a, kinda sorta, an Army, but that the AF stood between us and the red hordes who wanted to send us all to a world wide gulag.

      The country didn’t begin to recover from the SAC hangover until the early 70s, post Vietnam. The Navy, by then, realized that they would not be able to compete with the AF in heavy bombers and the only strategic nukes they had were going to be atop Polaris/Poseidon missiles. If you’ve ever seen a Whale next to a B-52 you have to wonder why the Navy ever thought they would be able to get into the meat grinder with the AF. Even a B-29 weighed 65 tons when it launched from Saipan to fly to Japan while the average Navy AC launches with a gross weight of around 70K pounds.

      It’s a different world in the AF now that the fighter mafia is running things, although LeMay’s finger prints are still all over the AF, just as Rickover’s are still all over the Sub force.

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