April Fool’s

Okay, so I’m gullible. Not to the point of looking up “gullible” in the dictionary to see if my picture is there, but enough that when I was a wee lass, my dad convinced me on one April 1st that the telephone company was going to clean out the lines. Yes, I held the phone over the garbage can at 4:00 so the dust wouldn’t go all over the place. He had me convinced that it would help because our lines were staticky. Duh.

The one I fell for today was at work. There is a services group that runs the gift shop, the vending machines, and the gym. They usually send out notices for gift shop sales, group buys of Honey Baked Ham at Easter, turkey at Thanksgiving, and nuts at Christmas, so it’s not uncommon to get an email from them every week or two. Today they sent out a notice for a new dating service called “Every Couple Has Its Moment”, with full geek explanation of coupling forces and moments of inertia for non-nerds, set up like eHarmony but with questions like:

  • Do you consider “repairing it” a victory and “replacing it” a failure?” (Yes.)
  • Did you name your pet after a scientist? (I know co-workers who have.  Calling a cat Schrodinger is funny, I don’t care who you are.)
  • Does all your stationery have grid lines? (Yes.)
  • Have you ever assumed a “horse” is a “sphere” to make the math easier?  (Seriously, in one college class, I did assume a spherical chicken.)

Yeah, I fell for it.  Apparently someone at work did not find it as clever as I did, because there was soon a followup email apologizing for the joke.  I then clicked the link for the dating service, which said, “April Fool’s!”

So what’s the best April Fool’s joke you’ve fallen for or pulled on someone?


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