13 thoughts on “Yep.”

  1. Shaved head and an angry expression? Let’s just say Cav Scouts weren’t my first guess …

    1. No, that would have been slovenly haircut, donut & coffee in one hoof and a razor sharp knife in the other, all with a maniacal gleam in the eye.

      I was actually trying to figure out how … that … would have been able to pull a lanyard …

  2. Hey Buster! I don’t like where you’re headed with that!!! There is no MCO that allows for “MOS-specific uniform adjustments”, I’ll have you know!

  3. Ahem! The Marines are the only service that doesn’t have a bazillion ugly-ass uniforms that we seem to change every odd Tuesday. You being somewhat of the squid variety should make no comment about a uniform in any fora until the Navy gets rid of those ghastly tan and black abominations and that ridiculous blueberry suit!!!

    1. I have plausible deniability, since none of those came around until long after I hung up my uniforms for the last time. 😛

    2. Mullen and Roughead came long after my time as well. The only sensible thing that happened with those two over-rated morons was the return of dress khaki.

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