DHS Ammunition Purchase: SKK Asks Why?


1,625,000,000 rounds.  Jacketed hollow-points in 9mm and .40cal.   5.56mm ammunition.  This on the heels of the purchase of nearly 8,000 AR-15 platforms.  And 2,700 MRAPs for use in American cities against American citizens.  (For those thousands of high risk warrants where the person has barricaded himself into a house armed with heavy machine guns and anti-armor weapons.)  Even with sequestration, seems the budget is plenty fat enough in some places.

The lovely Susan Katz Keating asks why.   It seems a fair question.  More than a dozen Congressmen agree, and have asked pointedly about the subject.   The effect (combined with the gun-grabbing Left proposing legislation that would deny Americans their rights under the Second Amendment) has been to make ammunition in popular calibers almost impossible to find.  Recreational shooters, those of us who want to maintain proficiency at tactical weapons handling, local law enforcement, hunters, are all paying very elevated prices or are out of luck entirely.

However, like so many other issues that skirt the edge of legality with this Administration, DHS Secretary Napolitano refuses to give straight answers.  Witness Rand Paul asking a straightforward question until he couldn’t be ignored.  Once again, we get stonewalling and equivocating from those in charge.  As if we haven’t the right to know.  This should make anyone who cherishes our Constitutional liberties awfully wary.   The pattern is oh-so familiar with Obama and Holder and those who believe they have the right to rule instead of the responsibility to govern.    Not that the beholden and supplicant press corps will utter a peep of protest, as they are simply instruments of the rulers.

Susan, my dear, here is the answer to the question you ask:   DHS has purchased that ammunition so that we won’t have it.  And they will.  And they will have bought it with our money.    So that when push comes to shove, they have the upper hand.   After all, those of us who cherish the unalienable rights given us by our Creator, and who are suspicious of the drastic increase in the overreach of Federal authority, are terrorists.

With ongoing assaults from our own government upon the First, Second, Fourth, Sixth, Ninth, and Tenth Amendments, soon the Bill of Rights will fit on a 3X5 card.


There is commentary below that somehow Alex Jones created the idea of “thousands of drones”.

Well, no.

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  1. Interesting that with “The Sequester” so many agencies are having to “Do Without”, yet these folks have “Cart Blanche” to suck-up all the ammo in popular calibers.
    Things that make you go:Hmmm…

  2. Can’t find the link, but I think Powerline had an article about how the billions of rounds number was due to misreading the contract listing. As I recall the contract was a 5 year deal to supply up to 10,000 rounds. Next to the contract summary was a listing of quantity, in this case 10,000. Someone thought the quantity was the number of contracts up for bid, did some simple math, and viola, the government is buying a crapton of ammo.

    Likewise, the MRAP purchases and (possibly) the AR-15 buys could simply be DHS taking advantage of the DOD drawdown, buying them now and storing them for later replacements is probably cheaper than procuring a small number along with a support contract.

    As for Sen. Paul not getting a direct answer, that’s standard bureaucratese. You don’t want to say “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” lest you look incompetent. Likewise you don’t want to deny there’s any such program unless you feel like playing the perjury game. So if you’re asked about something you haven’t been briefed on – and it’s hard to be briefed on something that isn’t happening – you dissemble and evade.

    So, why is it so hard to get ammo? Because everyone keeps hearing how hard it is to get ammo so they buy up as much as possible whenever it comes in, making it hard for people to buy ammo.

    1. Jeff, you seem willing to take the most benign possible view of this situation and others that this Administration has created. The question asked of AG Holder was not out of the blue, and it would be precisely the one I would have asked. He was asked that very question several times over the course of months, plenty of time to be briefed. He abjectly refused to answer until the lack of an answer and his prevarication became an embarrassment. If this ammunition situation is the result of a simple math error, why didn’t Napolitano say so? She refused to offer any information about this massive purchase with public funds. Sure the purchase of the MRAPs might be as you state, but then again, with the 2012 DAA, the desire and attempts to disarm Americans, the determination that those who hold liberty and small government views are terrorists, and Obama’s mention of a “domestic force” equal to the Army, I can hardly be so sanguine.

    2. You are far to willing to assign to malice that which can be explained by stupidity. In this case on the part of Alex Jones. As far as I know he is the ultimate source of the 1.6 billion rounds number. NRO points out that the government has secured the option to purchase up to ~500 million rounds over the next 5 years. Given the number of armed law enforcement officers in the federal government (a totally separate issue) that isn’t unreasonable. Once again, the government isn’t stockpiling ammunition, it hasn’t received the bulk of the contracted amounts, it has simply locked in current prices. Probably to shield themselves from inflation (yet another issue).

      As for why the administration doesn’t answer questions about it, that too has a simple answer. It’s for the same reason Obama didn’t release his birth certificate. It makes conservatives look ridiculous, especially to the low information voter. Keeping silent has no downside and a significant upside.

  3. Hmph.

    I’ve got a fair amount of M193 laid in, but I can’t find 9mm for anything. I’ve got 11 mags for my Beretta, and only 4 of them full. Can’t find anything to put in the other 7, never mind enough for playtime.

  4. @Jeff, today in 1775 Patrick Henry said:

    “Let us not deceive ourselves, sir. These are the implements of war and subjugation; the last arguments to which kings resort. I ask, gentlemen, sir, what means this martial array, if its purpose be not to force us to submission? Can gentlemen assign any other possible motive for it? ”

    We could ask that about the 2012 DAA, 1.625 billion hollow-points, 2,700 MRAPs, and thousands of spy drones.

    And maybe we should.

    1. You really need to dig a little bit deeper. I’ve already explained how there is no 1.6 billion hollow points. The real number is closer to 500 million, and most of those don’t exist because the contracts are for purchase options.

      Turns out the DHS isn’t buying 2700 MRAPS. The USMC is reseting 2700 MRAPS and transferring an unknown number (DHS says 16) to DHS. This isn’t at all unprecedented, law enforcement has long benefited from military surplus, and given the level of armament illegal organizations can bring to bear I don’t begrudge law enforcement any tool that allows them to simply do their jobs. Why would DHS want these? Because they’re bullet-proof and, being surplus, probably significantly cheaper than armoring a Suburban.

      I don’t know about gentlemen, but this snipe can assign a motive for it. Law enforcement. But go ahead and keep thinking that the government is going to get you Real Soon Now. That’s a surefire way to pick up voters.

    2. Oh, and regarding the 2012 NDAA (the “N” is rather important, google thinks that 2012 DAA was last year’s conference of the Dieticians Association of America). I have half a mind to print the entire thing out and drop it on your head from a very great height. The Senate version of the bill could have authorized indefinite detention of US citizens, assuming you ignored trivial things like the immediately previous section and 225 YEARS OF US JURISPRUDENCE. However, in response to public outcry the Senate modified their bill, which was carried over into the final law, to explicitly state that it did not change existing law regarding the detention of US citizens. Would somebody explain to me how in the name of Zeus’ butthole can a law that specifically says it neither allows or disallows an action be said to authorize that action?

  5. I’m not running for office, pal. I am sworn to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And if you are going to try dropping something on my head from a great height, I suggest you ensure that it hits. Otherwise you might be in for a bad day.

    1. Foreign and domestic, yes. Imaginary? Not so much. Between the push for gun control the reluctance to express limitations on the power to kill US citizens, and the third-grade understanding of economics there is plenty to attack the Obama administration on. We don’t need to invent one billion rounds of ammunition and 2701 DHS MRAPs. And if you were half the strategic mind you think you are you’d recognize the importance of public support. We are not so far gone that civil war is inevitable, and even if we were we would need people far more than we need ideological purity.

  6. Jeff, you miss much. The 2012 DAA discussions incensed the White House when the language was included that specifically forbade American citizens from detainment. Then, the WH behaved as if it was the entity that ASKED for the language. (The same is true of the sequester situation, as this was first proposed by the WH, which later condemned the idea when it went sideways.) Let’s review:

    Obama’s desire for a “civilian domestic security force” that is NOT law enforcement.

    Obama criticism of the Constitution because it did not include “economic justice”.

    Voter intimidation case (on film) not pursued by AG because it reflects badly on “his people”.

    The Cairo speech.

    The Stimulus package, a mechanism to funnel tax money to organized labor and have much of it land in Dem campaign coffers, clean as a whistle.

    Cut and run in Iraq.

    Fast and Furious, run to whip up emotion to support gun control, that includes felony conduct on the part of Administration officials.

    The West Point speech where he disclosed the month and year of enemy victory.

    Obamacare and its intent as a vehicle for wealth redistribution (as per unabashed HHS remarks in two conferences I attended)

    Benghazi and the subsequent coverup.

    CJCS stifling free speech of law abiding private citizens.

    Drone strikes on American citizens and a “star chamber” with a “well-informed government official” replacing due process.

    Federal lawsuits and threats of law suits against sovereign states that enforced Federal immigration law.

    Repeated vows to act without Congressional approval in the making of laws, and admonishes the Founding Fathers for the checks and balances in our Constitution.

    Obama’s agreement with Ginsberg’s remarks that our Constitution is too old to serve as a model for Egypt.

    Authorization for unprecedented Federal intrusion into the information of private citizens and businesses, without cause or warrant.

    Obama’s war on the Second Amendment, highlighted by his Newtown speech. (Which squares with past Obama comments regarding his disdain for private firearms ownership)

    Discussion of government subsuming private retirement accounts to (allegedly) pay for debt service.

    No, not imagined. That you think so is unfortunate. He and those in his Administration have shown their contempt for our Constitution and for individual liberty very consistently.

    1. Once again you attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. You have to realize that Obama is a very stupid man, most of his actions you list are explained by that fact.

      To the extent that his actions are detrimental to the US, and I agree that most of them are (with a couple of exceptions, tell me about the due process Leonidas Polk received and I’ll start caring about the Awlaki attack, and a phone call from CJCS saying “stop making my job harder” isn’t stifling free speech), our best course of action is to eliminate his political power. To that end Alex Jones creating over 1 billion rounds of ammunition, thousands of spy drones (right now DHS has around a dozen) and 2700 DHS MRAPs is counterproductive – to the extent that I’m beginning to suspect that Mr. Jones is a vile progressive operating under deep cover – and your thoughtless parroting of the same is decidedly unhelpful. Worse yet, the administration’s evasion of questions on these topics indicates that you are behaving exactly they way they want you to.

    2. The ” civilian domestic security force ” really creeps me out. Sounds too much like Schutzenstaffel to me.

  7. I recall reading about the MRAPS over at Castle Argghhh!!, and John was less than impressed with the rumor.

    As for the scarcity of ammo, it’s your fault. That is to day, it’s the fault of gun owners who have rushed to stock up before the coming Great Confiscation.

    From all reports, even .22LR is hard to find. Anyone want to tell me that the Obamaniacs are hoovering up all of that round as well? 🙂 Or is it a classic case of supply & demand in action?

    1. I’d be interested to see what the figures are for recent months for production. I.e., compare the production of 9 vs 40 vs 45 vs .22lr vs 5.56, etc., this month, compared to this time last year. Wouldn’t be surprised if 40 is getting produced out of proportion to the others, comparatively, to fill some of the gov’t orders.

  8. @Jeff, you seem to be extra willing to attribute to stupidity what is a long and consistent record of malice and disdain for our Constitution. And you seem to believe the fact that a public official told an American citizen to stop his lawful free expression can be excused as being reasonable and prudent, instead of the egregious breach of the oath of office on the part of the senior Officer on our active list.

    We will never square the circle on those, nor on the idea that THIS administration believes it has the power to kill Americans without due process, without so much as charging them with a crime, which you admit not to care about.

    You used the word thoughtless? I think that whistling past the graveyard time and again as our Constitutional liberties are threatened, demeaned, and curtailed, that is thoughtless. Watching political opponents be portrayed as national enemies, Veterans disparaged by our Federal law enforcement as potential terrorists, seeing a beholden media complicit in the age-old process of demeaning, delegitimizing, then dehumanizing law-abiding American citizens, and believing such to be some sort of unintentional bumbling, that is also thoughtless. To see this Republic replaced by an anti-cleric socialist progressive command economy with wealth redistribution as the goal, and to consider those engineering such to know not what they do? That is thoughtless.

    1. Yes, thoughtless. Much like this rant. It could have been written by my liberal sister for all the emoting going on. Hell, Will Shatner would be embarrassed. It’s patently obvious that you’re so wedded to this fantasy of standing as the sole protector of the Constitution that you’re making up threats just to have something to rail against. And that’s fine, if it makes you happy. I’m just saying that your words and actions are helping to keep the people you so obviously despise in power.

      Let me know when you’re ready to return to the world of rational thought.

  9. Oh please.

    Let me know what you run out of first, your Constitutional liberties or those free passes you so willingly hand to Obama, Holder, et al.

    1. His sort of thinking will help the star chambers to keep running, the SS to become accepted, and our rights to go away. The MSM is beavering away to make sure it comes to pass, by making it all sound so reasonable. I am waiting for the Holder DOJ to come up with an American Kempiatai. The Thought Police are overdue.

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