My Dalliance with a Foreigner is Over

She is beautiful, no doubt.  Lovely curves, sweet voice, exotic-looking but in a classical sense.  Eye-catching, really.  So much so that people were surprised I was with her.  But it is over.  I ended it today.  And I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would.  It was a lot of fun while it lasted, but really should have been a May to September romance.  She loves the sunshine, and looks fabulous in it.  But she doesn’t do well in the cold and she hates the snow.  And she is needy.  With her it is always something, and I always wind up spending more than I know I should.  Not that she wasn’t well cared-for, because she was.  And she was beautiful to be with, a hell of a ride.  But I had to know she would be there for me, when I most needed her.  And that, she never seemed to be.

So it’s over.

I went out today and met a nice American with girl-next-door beauty that felt wonderful in my hands.  She has an impeccable reputation for loyalty and for being there when the chips are down.  And if she is anything like others in her family that I knew, she doesn’t mind the snow one bit.  I am not her first, but she isn’t mine either.  So I said yes.  We are seeing each other again on Monday, and it’s pretty serious.


So I will trade in the 2002 BMW 325i for the 2007 Buick Lucerne, and not look back.   I will be in a Buick sedan, like I have been for 20+ years, present flirtation notwithstanding.  And that, it seems, is where I should be.

18 thoughts on “My Dalliance with a Foreigner is Over”

    1. I went looking last night to see what you said and John had taken the post down. He did send me your response, however. He was very annoyed with you.

  1. Still happy with my Beemer (she’s an 89).

    But I’ve driven a Lucerne, and other than sharing a name with the local dairy of my youth, it was a pretty nice car.

    1. Methinks it has been a while since you had 14″ of ‘partly cloudy’!

      They are fun drivers!

  2. Meh. I shall not purchase anything from Government Motors, nor from Chrysler. Pity, as my dear old dad was a Chrysler man.

    Gonna stay with Civics. 😉

  3. I am not suggesting anyone should purchase such a beast, but today I passed a chrome F-150. Everything but the windows was chrome. Well the tires were not either.

    I wondered if it was a wrap, but could not tell. A chrome vehicle in Florida is rather painful to look at in the sun.

  4. Beemers….ugly back when they were “less demanding” and requiring a resident “Fritz das mechanic” as they got more beautiful.

    1. Yeah, but you have only been west of 128 once or twice in your life, and you think Vermont is part of Canada!

  5. Just traded my 2006 Lucerne CXS for a a 2013 GMC Pickup. Loved the car, extremely comfortable and reliable but couldn’t tow anything. Only down side was it had the widest turning circle of any car I have ever driven.

  6. @QM,

    John is just annoyed because I am funnier than he is!!! He wishes he’d have thought of the “Archie comics” comment first!

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