12 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Jewel Staite”

  1. It’s about time Jewel made “Load HEAT”.

    She’s a favorite. One of my ex-girl friends (a long long time ago) kinda had a similar face. The bod? Not so much. (Okay, not even close.)

  2. Took you damn long enough. I bugged you about this years ago, but you said “no, no, search the archives – she’s there.”

  3. Well, opinions may vary, and she is young enough to be my daughter.
    Clearly, just a pretty actress, Doubtless married, and I am far too ancient.

    Were I a younger man, say 50…and single like I was 4 plus decades ago, Wearing the skinny britches I wore back then…purely theoretical mind you…

    Sweet, lovely, sexy, expressive, animated, classy. 12 out of 10 on the Stupefying Jones scale of mind boggling femininity.

    How lovely? Sell the motorcycle, buy a minivan, put a down payment on a house, work two jobs, go back to night school; and skip lunch to keep her in pin money, beg her to bear your kids and turn mormon or catholic if she asks lovely.

    Gee, she is really pretty.

    No fool like an old fool.

    1. A middle-aged fool is very close to being like an old fool. She has legs that go all the way to the floor, and a smile to melt glaciers.

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