Desert Rats to Lose Their Tanks in Defense Cuts

desert rats

Seems deeper Defense cuts in Britain will do something that Rommel and his Panzerarmee Afrika couldn’t do.  Destroy the  7th Armored Brigade as a tank force.   Sad commentary on the times, decades of budget-busting socialism, and askew priorities.    Though the Ministry of Defense asserts that the additional cut of some 20,000 soldiers amounts to the British Army “configuring itself for future conflicts”, it is hard to imagine such truly being the case.

I hate to say it, but Elvis Costello was wrong.  Oliver’s Army isn’t here to stay.  It is mostly gone, and likely forever.


But yes, London is full of Arabs just the same.

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  1. Has the empire checked with their new Islamic Overlords, it’s possible they’ll want to keep the takeover a turnkey operation.

  2. traditionally we have always had a small ‘peace-time’ army, but with a very strong navy … now we don’t have much of either. a lot of the rot set in with ‘new labour’ (1997 ~ 2008) – you know, america’s friend tony bliar (deliberate mis-spell) … he was quick enough to commit the british military to supporting the us forces (imo afghanistan correctly, iraq incorrectly) but we were fighting 2 major wars on peace-time funding. that had a devastating effect on monies available for new equipment, training and led to many of these UORs (urgent operational requests, basically buying off the shelf) that almost always end up costing more for a much shorter lifespan, like most of the mrap-type vehicles we will be leaving in afghanistan (or giving to syrian rebels, if yesterday’s news here is to be believed).
    it is true our welfare budgets do consume large swathes of government cash, but generally most people here really do think it’s a good idea in principle – the nhs especially so – but once again labour, with its uncontrolled immigration policies, and european free movement of workers (ie. eastern europeans) flooded the country and put huge strain on these services, as well as foolishly allowing people here to be claiming housing or unemployment benefits form the get-go.
    this, coupled with our poor procurement over the last XX years, means we pay far too much for already-outdated equipment. if we spent wisely, and had a modest budget increase to ~2% gdp, we’d probably be ok. but no, much better to piss £10 billion a year up the wall giving aid to india or corrupt african warlords (for some reason our PM loves the overseas aid budget, and it is protected form any cuts … really cheeses me off).
    the next rumour re: the cuts is that our special forces are going to take a hammering, which is really disturbing, as i think that’s one area we really are amongst the best in the world. sigh. i’m going to go away and have a little cry.
    ps. the gifs of jennifer love hewitt cheered me a little …. 🙂

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