The War on Women is real, it’s just that the Republicans aren’t the ones waging it.

The Dems made a major point of their campaign that the GOP was unfriendly to women unless they were meek submissive housewives that walked a pace behind their husbands, and devoted themselves solely to childrearing and homemaking.  Binders full of women! 

When Todd Aiken made a foolish statement during his run for Senate, pretty much half the GOP instantly, loudly and passionately denounced him for being stupid. But the Dems and the mainstream media went into overdrive to depict him as the poster boy for the GOP attitude to women.

But now Colorado Democrats have apparently decided that while deciding what happens after a rape is critical information on the national stage, actually stopping the rape isn’t so much a big deal.

You can’t have a gun because if you think you might get raped, you’ll just take potshots at innocent people.

Even if you have a gun, you’ll just get raped anyway, even though DoJ statistics say that 210,000 women prevent sexual assault annually with firearms.

Colorado has gone from a solidly conservative state to a Blue Hell. And this is what you get. Sorry, ladies, you’ll just have to take one for the team. Don’t forget to soil yourself in the process.

6 thoughts on “The War on Women is real, it’s just that the Republicans aren’t the ones waging it.”

  1. The Democrats in the CO legislature should be tarred, feathered, and put on a ballistic trajectory back to California.

  2. Had a conservative done this the result would have been felt for another one or two presidential elections I dare say. Sad thing about Mr. Aiken’s comments is before he made them Sen. McCaskell was politically “on the ropes’ and projected to lose the senatorial race. She’s b-a-a-c-c-k-k.

  3. Put them in prison sharing a cell with “Bubba” and let them know what rape feels like!

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