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  1. The Armorer is a bit skeptical about the MRAPs, but I find it disturbing. I find it disturbing some PDs and SOs have armored vehicles at all. There is no good reason for DHS to be buying MRAPs.

    Just to inform the gang here: I’m teaching two courses. One at AB Tech in Asheville on Hydraulics and Hydrology, and at church I’m teaching a college level course in Inductive Bible Study, and the load is beginning to increse in both. Consequently, I’m going start getting a bit rare here, but should be back full time by Mid-May. I’ll lurk now and again, but will be posting very little.
    Y’all take care and don’t be too hard on the host.

    1. QM, there is no good reason for the DHS, let alone anything they are purported to do. Wish I lived near Asheville, I would love to audit the course. Asheboro I could do -Asheville is a bit too far from Raleigh. 🙂

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