6 thoughts on “So, this is a thing…”

  1. I can picture several hundred million dollars going to the Army’s new Digestive Warfare Center.

  2. I used to giggle, (more like strong belly laugh) when I first started repeating the “Army cooks – death from within” saying and then remembered our mess section in the LRS unit I was in and how in the middle of anywhere those gentlemen churned out great chow, greens fresh (salads), meat tasty, up at all hours with hot coffee and hot chicken soup when teams returned from missions. Their maroon berets were as greasy as their aprons but they loved their job, and they loved to do more than qual for pay jumps.

    1. Couldn’t agree more.

      While I had occasional run ins with the Division Spoon 6 (Food Service CW4 in the G4) my battalion and brigade cooks were hard working and dedicated. They lived to bring good chow to the troops.

      To a man they hated T-Rations.

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