From the Castle: There are Many Ways to Break an Army

Brilliantly stated.   Both the latent but still virulent anti-military sentiment that has been at the core of the Progressive Far Left since before World War II, and the rapidly growing focus on the supposed internal threat which law enforcement has used as justification to become increasingly militarized.

Because, in their heart of hearts, they don’t like the whole concept of an Army, and want to change it into some sort of fluffy-bunny simulacrum. That and because DoD is the one institution they can play with that will just do what it’s told. Oft times reluctantly, but in the end it does what it’s told.

While, ironically, they make domestic law enforcement, especially on the Federal level, more and more like… an Army.

Give it a read.  Damned little of the “change” in the “Hope and Change” era has been progress.  In fact, the cascading effects downstream will likely be catastrophic, for our Armed Forces and our nation.   And if our fervent hopes that things turn out otherwise are dashed, why, there will be internal “threats” aplenty for the army of Law Enforcement to take care of.

8 thoughts on “From the Castle: There are Many Ways to Break an Army”

  1. I wouldn’t blame everything on Obama. If you re-read John’s post carefully, he’s saying this has been going on for a long time, and it’s not just gays & girls in the military.
    It is pretty sad that pretty much all of the flag officers are bending over for all of this. I suppose that extra $80k/year (or whatever it is) in bennies at a higher rank is too tasty to pass up.

  2. Casey, not blaming everything on Obama, and the de-emphasis on the warrior ethic has been ongoing since, say, 1991, in full throttle.

    But these last three years will prove to be decisively negative, I do imagine.

  3. Girls-n-Gays aren’t having a good effect, but the effects are cumulative and have been going on longer than ’91. The Military was able to pull back somewhat from the brink during the Reagan years, but they didn’t get too far because there was too much to make up. Bush I, Slick Willie, and then Bush II, who did not undo any of the damage his father or the Slickster did, set the stage for the real subversive we have in the WH now.

    We are seriously screwed. They’d have to bring a bunch of old codgers back to re-establish standards. Personally, I’d start with shooting anyone who has held a “diversity” post, and anyone with stars on their collar or shoulder board. Yanno, Encourager pour les Autres.

  4. Right, command should be either in front of the firing squad, or in jail. International Jail. They along with several of our ex-pres’s have committed “crimes” against the people. Including the american people.
    Diversity is not the problem, it makes your army look and feel more like any other army. Rainbows, should give your army compassion on the field to do the right thing, RemYou don’t ember your training from ww2-to-Kosovo all said protect the civilian from the bad guys. Now we target civilians. You cannot have that much collateral damage without targeting them. War Crime. Rmember, those who permit, were just as guilty as those who commit. Thats by MI-LI standards of the military. Where are they now?

    1. What were you smoking when you fired up your computer? We did target civilians in WW2 by ceasing precision bombing and simply toggled bombs by groups near the target. We knew a lot of bombs would fall among civilians, and the Brits intentionally ran terror raids. Dresden was, pure and simple, a terror raid, and the 8th AF participated.

      These days we go out of our way to avoid civvie killing. At times it can’t be avoided and still get the target, but it is rarely intentional.

      And diversity? Diversity isn’t strength, it leads directly to lack of trust, loss of unit cohesion, and denigration of combat power. You can rave all you like, but raving is all it is.

    2. Diversity itself doesn’t lead to lack of trust. It isn’t a strength, either. It doesn’t do much except increase your recruiting pool, which will lower your recruiting costs. Unless you’re saying a significant number of whites are racist, which isn’t my experience. Then again, I was a nuke, and we usually had more than 10 IQ point to share among the department.

      The problem is the reverse-racism and grievance mongering that makes up the Diversity industry. They, not gays or girls, are the enemy, and attacking groups of people only makes them stronger.

  5. QM is right, Arthur Harris once said, it takes a year to build a factory full of machine tools, it takes 20 years to raise and train a machine tool operator. LeMay went to fire bombs in order to kill as many as possible.

    1. Lemay went to nighttime low level fire raids mostly because the high altitude raids weren’t hitting anything. The challenges of bombing from the jetstream were simply more than they could overcome.

      And given the stupendous costs of the B-29 program, it simply HAD to be made to work. The B-29 program cost more than the Manhattan project. It cost as much as ALL radar during the war. The AAF, Lemay, and Arnold were frantic to have a success, any success to justify the vast sums of money spent on B-29s. If they didn’t get a huge success, the AAF’s real fight (an independent Air Force) would be lost.

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