Stealing all the good stuff from CDR Salamander

I love stealing from being inspired to post by CDR Salamander.

He’s got a couple of good posts today, a nice mix of the old and the new.

First a link to a great photospread on the HMS Caroline, a Royal Navy cruiser from World War I.

There’s also a half hour video on her.


Next up, LCS-1 recently got a new paint job, designed and applied by the crew for their deployment that starts Friday. *

No, a new paint job doesn’t make the Little Crappy Ship** any better, but having painted a boat a time or two, I appreciate the hard work it is. And at least the black patches hide some of the soot from the diesel exhausts.


*I thought sailing on Fridays was bad.

** A term coined over half a decade ago by Byron the shipfitter, and denizen of Sal’s front porch.

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