Sick Call

I can’t figure out why I feel utterly awful today. It’s not like I’ve had any social interaction that would expose me to germs. But I’m ready to crawl back in bed with both poncho liners. No fever. Just a headache and upset tummy.

Is there a 9-line to call for chicken and rice soup?

10 thoughts on “Sick Call”

    1. Like we’d let a plebian taco truck into the Country Club here.

      We did finally add a beer cart to the course this year, but I’ve yet to order from it. I should see if they’ll deliver to homes, instead of just on the links.

    2. You still live next to a golf course? Do you still stea… uh… “permanently borrow” the flags like when we were growing up on the rock?

  1. We’re droppin’ like flies. 102.4 about an hour ago. I was actually dead for a while, but I am better now.

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