“Chicago Gun Crime”?



Apparently, President Obama is headed to Chicago, the city of űber-restrictive gun laws that virtually forbid the legal ownership of firearms.  Chicago, the city of the 600+ murders in 2012, the vast majority, not coincidentally, committed by firearms.  The shamelessly partisan and complicit media is calling such murders and other offenses “gun crime” in a supremely absurd effort to blame the guns for the killings.  That, as opposed to the actual killers, who possess essentially all of those guns illegally.

Obama’s solution to this “gun crime”, in a place where legal firearm ownership is forbidden, and the streets are teeming with heavily-armed gangs who murder and rape and traffic in drugs, and extort, and burglarize, and assault?   More gun laws, to restrict further firearms ownership of law-abiding Americans.  For the children.  For it is the government’s responsibility to do SOMETHING, no matter how egregiously unconstitutional.

Listen carefully, when the time comes, to how Chicago is described, and what we are told the problems are.  We are the problem.  My guns and yours, and the fact that we own them, and believe in the Second Amendment as written (as opposed to how it is interpreted by Chuck Schumer and Eric Holder), we are the indirect cause of those murders.  It is not the fault of the violent felons whom comprise the gangs that roam Chicago’s streets and neighborhoods and traffic drugs, and rape, and burglarize, and assault, and murder.  Amoral thugs who have no respect for human life.   A very large proportion of whom are illegal aliens, incidentally.   No, it is OUR fault, the tried and true collective responsibility meme.  (Which looks and smells precisely like collective guilt.)  Ours are the guns “on the street”.   And our government needs to act.  Obama will once again assert precisely that.  The media will continue to tell us so, incessantly.

Even as this Administration is forced to admit that any new erosion of our Second Amendment rights is all grandstanding.

Now, I am going to the local gun show.


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  1. Given the growth of amorality, I believe that someone should maybe look at that as the cause of proliferate LEGAL weapon (gun) ownership.

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