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I woke up this morning, feeling great, it’s a beautiful day, I’m full of vim and vigor (or as close as I ever approach that state) and yet…

There’s absolutely nothing I feel like writing about right now (I’ve got a few things in draft) and nothing I’m inspired to link.

I hate this.

Surely, you, gentle reader, have some questions, either about the Army, soldier life, the price of tea in China, how many peanuts in a Snickers bar…

Ask away.

45 thoughts on “Ask me anything”

    1. Good, thanks – just double-checking my philosophy homework.

      Now, off to sanitize some telephones …

    1. Good, thanks – just double-checking my philosophy homework.

      Now, off to sanitize some telephones …

    2. So, Rusty, are you Benji Mouse, or Frankie Mouse? By coincidence, I bought a .50 cent copy of Hitchiker’s Guide yesterday at St. Vinnie’s, and read it last night.

    1. I get receiver, barrel, barrel extension, buffer assembly and spring, bolt, extractor, operating rod, jesus pin and backplate assembly. I’m saying ten.

    2. I was actually wondering, as I was only an MI pogue and never got to play with Ma Deuce. But I find it interesting that we got so many different answers.

  1. What do Andrew Johnson, Chester A. Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson all have in common?

  2. Well-done, Roamy!!!

    Gold star for you!

    xbrad, not so much. Millard Fillmore was actually elected President before feet were invented. I looked it up on Wikipedia.

      1. If he’s talking about the comment I think he’s talking about, you’d probably get a kick out of it.

        I didn’t LOL, but I did “heh.”

    1. I thought it was funny as hell. I suspect whossname didn’t read the first comment. That one is a keeper. It’s right up there with Summer’s “On Strategy.” I added it to my blog yesterday.

    2. xbradtc,
      Yep, a genuinish realistic looking blog. I started it a long time ago. I was curious about them after phib banned me. I think the problem was that I started with Lex in the morning then read Far East and finished by reading phibs. The veneer of civilization wore thinner and thinner. Just This Guy found it once years ago.
      I enjoy your blog.

  3. xbradtc:

    Is “42” your standard answer when you really don’t know the correct answer, but figure that no one else does ether? Not that there is anything wrong about that, I’m just curious.


    1. Apple missed a no brainer. I just bought an iPad last week and when I got around to Siri I asked the obvious question expecting the answer, “42.” Apple had a chance for greatness but missed it.

  4. xbrad
    “I can at least tell Roamy and Aggie apart”

    Well-stated. Aggie gets the Gold Star.

    Roamy will have to settle for the Predator “Stays in Vegas” Medal. Which is senior to a Bronze Star for heroism on the battlefield, at least.

  5. Why the anger and provocation in the last line on the Distinguished Warfare Medal? (There’s a dumb name; almost as bad as GWOTSM, which of course people want to pronounce as a word.) This is the 19 O years, not the 5 E years, asking. Holy cow, has it really been that long? Don’t answer that question as you will be dating yourself unfavorably.

    1. How many enlisted guys do you think will be awarded this? It’s obviously written with AF drone pilots in mind. It will, of course, spread to anyone who valiantly tackles processing paperwork for a deploying unit, but not a heck of a lot of NCOs will earn it.

      We already have far too many awards for service.

    2. Way too much stereotyping and generalized aspersions-casting going on for me to tap out a reply. Maybe later, on a proper keyboard.

    1. US Rifle, Caliber .30 Model 1903.

      References to the “Caliber .30-06” are incorrect.

    2. And for the record: Mark 5, Mod 0 rifle produced from an M- One Niner Zero Three- Alpha, bolt action, magazine fed, air cooled shoulder weapon.
      Hate you, hate you, hate you…

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