The State of the Union


When President Obama goes before Congress and the nation to give his State of the Union message, we will see the increasingly-detached and stiffly ideological justifications for the abject and serious failures of his Administration.

We will see tragic victims who suffered at the hands of evil men paraded before us to try and convince the American people that every lawful gun owner is partially responsible for those evil men, and for the acts they committed.   We will be told how it is the role of government to “protect the children” by punishing those who committed no crime, and abridging the freedoms of the law-abiding.   That the rights given us by which our Founding Fathers intended for the People to serve as a final protection against the tyranny of government, need to be abridged by that same government.   We will be told that such is necessary for our own safety.  We, the People, cannot be trusted.

We will be told how we should allow our government (using our money) to spend its way out of the debt it created with profligate spending.  And that, despite the fact that the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress between 2007 and 2011, and had the White House to boot between 2009 and 2011, and continue to control the White House and the Senate, that whatever problems we have are the Republicans’ making.

We will hear about the rights of special interest groups (but not the People), and “climate change”, and how a contracting economy is actually somehow proof of his successful economic policies, despite high unemployment, slumps in manufacturing, and a massive trade imbalance.  And how more of the same, the move toward a government-controlled and increasingly statist economy is the “vision” for America’s resurgence.

We will be told, by President Obama, by his politically beholden media, and by his many apologists on the Far Left, that any inkling of disagreement is merely “partisan”.   Perhaps even the ramblings of “violent extremists”*.

We may even hear about the necessity to give the government the power to assassinate ANY American citizen it perceives as a “threat” (violent extremists*), without any semblance whatever of due process, or of appeal, or any protection by the 5th, 6th, or 14th Amendments.

What we will likely not hear about is the horrific embarrassment that was the Benghazi fiasco, nor the criminally culpable behavior of Administration officials, including the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  We won’t hear about the effects of “sequestration” on America’s defenses, and how the willful destruction of the United States Armed Forces is so much dinner theater.   Or how our irresolute and amateurish foreign policy bumbling has emboldened our enemies and worried our allies.    Or how our economy is being held hostage by uncertain and punitive tax policies, and by absurdly restrictive environmental regulation that smacks of the anti-capitalist bent of its enforcers.

The above predictions hardly qualify me as the next Kreskin.  It is roughly akin to predicting sunset in the West.  Sadly.  I doubt I will bring myself to watch the spectacle of another coat of whitewash being applied to the crumbling Potemkin Village, while those whose duty it is to know better applaud the policy of bread and circuses.   The true “state of the union” is increasingly evident, and bears little correlation to anything we will be told tonight.

(*Violent extremists:  The NRA, Catholic hospitals, the Tea Party, returning Veterans, privacy advocates, Fox News.  No longer includes Muslim Brotherhood, Fidel Castro, or The Weather Underground. )

12 thoughts on “The State of the Union”

  1. It may be decreed that the sun will both rise AND set in the East if the President feels that rectifies past wrongs.

  2. Don’t forget, we must unilaterally dispose of our nuclear weapons, even as North Korea weaponizes its capabilities, and other opponents modernize their capabilities.

    1. We shall see if that little portion of galactic stupidity survives the edits in the wake of DPRK’s successful test. Which doesn’t mean it still won’t be pushed, but it will possibly be kept quiet.

  3. I believe that the sequestration of the Armed Forces is now and will be a tool by which the present administration’s goals could be achieved. Think about it, either way BHO wins. We don’t pass a budget the GOP, conservatives, the right etc. looks bad as Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Coast Guardsmen, and Marines take a pay cut, and quit training etc. We pass a budget the social program(s) continue, a lose/lose situation.

    1. Enter Chuck Hagel, and the REAL agenda to disembowel America’s defenses. Sequestration is mild compared to what he has spoken of in the recent past.

  4. I understand transitional awareness, PTSD and all, but one really has to have his cranial cavity on a swivel to deal with things as the SECDEF and “somebody” thinks a great idea is to take a non-career guy from Viet-Nam with possibly unresolved notions and put him in charge of the DOD. This guy is the fall guy for the right of center and I hate to say that both as a Viet-Nam Veteran, and as one who believes that Sen. Hagel has indeed “seen the elephant.”

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