It looks like Dorner is toast

After killing four people, it seem that Christopher Dorner has met his end. I’m reminded of this incident:

On December 8, 1984, Robert Jay Mathews, founder of the violent white-supremist group The Order, is killed in a house fire near Smuggler’s Cove on Whidbey Island after a 35-hour standoff with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He has been the object of an intense manhunt since November 24, 1984, when he escaped from the FBI in Portland, Oregon, after wounding an agent in the leg.

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12 thoughts on “It looks like Dorner is toast”

  1. So how is it that Dorner is a hero to many for killing four people in cold blood, but Robert Jay Matthews is reviled?

    (It’s a trick question.)

  2. Okay, so that was a bad day to pick to go out to Ft Casey and mess around in BUDs and carrying replica weapons. First time I ever had a loaded rifle pointed at me. Pretty sad day when Island County’s finest have a hard time rolling up 4 high schoolers.

  3. It’s all so unfortunate, and political discourse aside the last LEO killed was a USMC vet. It just inhales a large one (being PC here), that one serves the country and maybe in combat, gets home and buys it on a humbug. I know fecal matter occurs, its just unfortunate to me.

  4. Just to play devil’s advocate here, the LAPD has -from all accounts- grown a pretty healthy crop of corrupt thugs masquerading as cops.
    I think it’s less a vile prog thing than a “we’re tired of brutal cops” thing.
    When you see the insane growth of military-type SWAT teams across the nation, added to the incompetence displayed by said teams on hundreds no-knock drug raids across the country with the wrong address, wrong name, etc, resulting in wrecked homes, dead pets, and/or dead people, and it’s not hard to convince people the LAPD is the bad guy.

    1. Casey,

      All true. However, a white guy having a perceived grievance regarding race who kills four black guys would, I dare say, be universally and strongly condemned, and anyone who raised any voice of support, irrespective of the thuggery involved, would be pilloried.

    2. Alas, both of you are correct. One of the major problems with urban Police forces in this country is the LAPD. A lot of the training stuff is produced by them and thus, the virus spreads.

      LAPD has far more than its share of thugs with badges. Alas, we are seeing them more and more elsewhere too. The biggest scoff laws around these parts are the Police. Here in WNC, the cops are universally wildly exceeding the speed limit when they are not on calls. I set my cruise control at the speed limit on the commute to work and the Highway Patrol and Deputies have as yet to be passed by me, or even to be seen matching speeds. Most are going 10 mph or better over the limit.

      I have reached the point where, unless I know them personally to be decent people, I hold the cops in contempt. Increasingly, I find I am far from alone in that.

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