4 thoughts on “SSG Romesha, MoH, in his own words”

  1. I watched this on the CNN live feed. My opinion, the good SSG had more of a realization as to the solemnity of the moment than the POTUS did which is sad as I do expect more from the CIC. I am accounting for the fact that there were children there and that’s fine and dandy in my opinion. When the POTUS can’t get through a presentation without butchering a more than an acceptable amount of his verbal contribution to the event I am disappointed….SSG Romesha and his comrades both living and departed deserved so much better.

  2. Just watched SSG Romsha’s three minutes plus of commentary on the WH driveway. His comments are, in my opinion better said, better heard, and quite obviously better meant and truly heartfelt. I doff my beret to you SSG, by any standard, you exceed greatly the standard.

  3. Well, he’s a Tanker and a Cav Scout, of course he’s an example to everyone who loves freedom.

  4. I was a bit surprised that he wore his Stetson (I have military friends who were Cav although I never was). There was a brief shot that included his feet and I did not notice spurs but I could have missed it.

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