Load HEAT- Vanessa the Intern

We’re not quite the Civil War buff that Craig is, but we do find it, and museums about it, interesting.  Especially when they have a cute redhead intern to display the artifacts.

The Gettysburg Museum of History is a private museum, which you may have seen featured on American Pickers. If you “like” them on Facebook, you can peruse hundreds of pictures of some really interesting artifacts, both Civil War and from other periods. And most of them feature Vanessa.

This will also serve as a firearms recognition quiz.

105 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Vanessa the Intern”

  1. I had heard that the Confederates used Japanese Papa Nambu semi autos, but this is the first photo evidence I have seen.

  2. I will never look at a potato masher the same way again. She can handle my Long Colt any time.

  3. Intern in name only, I’m sure. The museum is fine, but it just goes to show, image is everything. I’d love to see credentials, but seems there are none to be found. Not the kind of museum I’d want accessioning my collection.

    1. This museum is a privately funded museum so it does not qualify for membership in “The American Association of Museums”. A museum does not have to have this “credential” to be a great attraction. Just because a museum does not take in your tax money or grants does not make it any less a great museum. To qualify for their organization a museum must be a 5013-c “not for profit” and pay that organization membership fee money. Is this really “credentials” or just another way of getting money from a museum?

    2. So, is your point that attractive women are not able understand history and artifacts? Seriously?

  4. Everyone who goes on about Vanessa is either old, a pervert, or both. It’s kinda sad. I kmow this because i have visited the museum’s facebook page for years and i know half the people who post there regularly who go on and on about Vanessa like only a nerdy virginal high-schooler could. I’ll say it again – SAD.

    1. Please tell me exactly what the hell is wrong with having a pretty woman pose next to historical objects of interest.

  5. Rob, spare me the perpetual outrage. The young lady in the photos was obviously having fun with it, and so were we.

    1. No, i won’t. I know EXACTLY what kinda fun you were having with it, and don’t try and deny it. I know what you were thinking because everybody who talks about her has the same childish mentality. And i KNOW this because of the countless comments i have read over the years over at the FB page. They all vary in the amount of misogyny, pervertedness, etc exuded, but they all share a common traits.

      Why can’t you just man up and say that you want her to handle your c**k instead of hiding behind childish euphemisms? You’re not fooling anyone apart from yourself.

    1. LOL i think you’re the one that’s just proved themselves to be an a*s by being both childish, crass, and laughably incorrect.

    2. Seen as you’re so “enlightened”, please go ahead and explain exactly how i am stupid as i would LOVE to hear that.

      1. Rob, not one person here has said anything demeaning about Vanessa. Whatever you may have seen at the Facebook page, that’s their problem. Take your outrage there.
        Is Vanessa cute? Sure? Is she qualified to do anything beyond pose with artifacts? I have no idea. She may be, or she may not. And I don’t care. But there’s no harm in acknowledging she’s pretty. I don’t think she’d take great offense at that. Certainly, she seems to have taken less than you!

  6. Beyond the Colt and the Thompson, I’m not sure I’d be able to accurately name any of the firearms shown.

    I think the pictures with the cannons show how pretty Vanessa is.

    Rob, your village called. They want their idiot back.

      1. Why is it the very, very few trollish people I have comment here automatically assume people that disagree with them are rednecks?

        You’re quick to assume a level of superiority for which there is little or no evidence.

        My co-authors and community here include people with a surprisingly diverse range of education and employment. For instance, unless you’re a bona fide rocket scientist, you can’t claim to be smarter than anyone here.

        And the rocket scientist? She’s probably the first one here to claim the title redneck.

    1. I got called an idiot which was offensive and uncalled for, so i responded in a way that i felt appropriate. Sorry if you don’t like that but the quality of people’s attitude on here is very low indeed.

    2. and don’t assume i am an idiot when you DON’T F***ING KNOW ME EITHER. Why aren’t you giving them a hard time when they were the first to call names?

      1. Because you waltz in here and proclaim, with absolutely no evidence, that all my commenters are perverts? Yeah… let’s talk about who first cast a stone.

    3. Rob, I don’t know whether or not you’re an idiot. (I do have an opinion on the subject, formed after watching you attempt to argue something on the internet.) I am, however, reasonably sure that you’re a douchebag. Give the holier-than-thou outrage a break for a little bit. Get over yourself.

      Unless you’re her father, brother or significant other, then you’ve got no grounds to stand on here that will make you look like anything other than a pathetic little basement dweller that’s trolling the intertubes looking for mentions of his favorite object of lust so that he can swoop in and be the paladin.

    1. Come for the cute redhead holding weaponry, stay to watch URR and Xbrad bounce Rob’s empty head off the walls.

  7. Jeff:

    Rob’s head isn’t empty, it’s filled with what was cleaned out of the hourse’s stall.


    1. It’s OK, we mean what you know.

      I don’t know, the leavings in a horse stall have some utility, it’s pretty obvious that Rob has nothing of value between his ears.

    2. And you, Jeff, have nothing of value to say. In fact none of you do, you just keep repeating yourselves as wonderfully illustrated by Jeff’s last comment. Can’t come up with any other insult? Now who’s really the one with nothing between their ears? Purleese. Keep going. LOL.

  8. I said “Rednecks” because of the whole “guns n gurrls”-lovin attitude on here. Someone will mention Nascar next, LOL. And to those so-called “rednecks”, just because i do not like what you say about, or how you objectify Vanessa, that does not make me an idiot. It is my opinion and opinions are never stupid – just different. Got that? What makes you “rednecks” look stupid and childish is how you clearly don’t understand that and you just keep resorting to name-calling without anything to back up your accusations. You just get defensive because deep down you know I’M RIGHT. You’re perverted and you know it. Just admit it and i’ll shut up.

    1. Oh and add “bully” to that list too. But you can’t bully me, i’m bigger, better, and smarter than you so you can’t bully me into silence. The ONLY way i will shut up is if you do what i said above. Try me.

    2. The only evidence of any intellectual prowess on your part is your asserting so. But the balance of your leavings here surely contradict that.

      So, tell me, Oh Wise One. Are Aggie and Roaming Fire Hydrant perverts? Both married, heterosexual women, who, as far as I know, are not especially enamored of NASCAR.

    3. Oh, honey. Of course there are such things as stupid opinions. Most of us grow out of that mush-mouthed intellectual relativism when we hit double digits.

      Why do you laugh over NASCAR? I mean, it’s not my cup of tea, but it’s a better way to spend a couple of hours than reading Nietzsche. Or is it your position that holding the opinion that NASCAR is enjoyable is laughable, or, dare I say it, stupid?

      To the meat of your “argument”, we’re not objectifying Vanessa, we’re objectifying *pictures* of Vanessa. I fail to see what is objectionable in objectifying objects. The pictures were freely taken, and she’s an attractive young woman. How is noting that fact any different than expressing appreciation for the Mona Lisa?

      Finally, we resort to insult in dealing with you because that is the only way interacting with you has any value. It’s patently obvious that you simply don’t have the intellectual chops to swim in this pond, so we’re going to knock you around a little until you become tiresome.

    4. the whole “guns n gurrls”-lovin attitude on here.

      You do realize this is a military blog, right?

      just because i do not like what you say about, or how you objectify Vanessa, that does not make me an idiot.

      See above where XBrad says don’t paint us with the same brush as the Facebook people. She’s the one holding the guns – no one is holding a gun to her head to pose for pictures, and these gentlemen can appreciate a pretty, shapely redhead. Most of the men here have honorably served or are serving right now, and they like seeing something of America worth fighting for.

      Just curious, were you as defensive for Sarah Palin?

      You’re not a regular here. No, we don’t know you, but we know that you splattered your attitude all over this post. Load HEAT is a regular feature here every Monday with a dozen or more photos of some beautiful woman. I don’t see any difference between Load HEAT, Betty Grable posters, Kirchner postcards, and Vargas-inspired nose art.

    5. A) you still haven’t sufficiently proven how i am an “idiot” just because you don’t like ONE THING that i had to say. Have i not spoken eloquently? Have i not shown a good vocabulary? EXACTLY. Watch who you call an idiot when you don’t know anything about me. I could have more degrees or a better job or a higher IQ – whatever. The fact is YOU JUST DON’T KNOW. You’re just an internet bully hiding behind his screen.

      B) Being married or heterosexual means nothing, it doesn’t stop a man from having a leary eye. What, you think just because somebody gets married then they are no longer attracted to other women? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I am also married to a woman but i just have more respect for them than to objectify them.

      1. I mentioned the heterosexual and married WOMEN here who enjoy the Load HEAT weekly feature. So, you’re a NO-GO on reading comprehension. Also, you misused “leary” (normally spelled “leery”).

        Leery-Cautious or wary due to realistic suspicions: “a city leery of gang violence”.

        I’d be an internet bully if I came to YOUR blog and started by calling all of your readers metrosexual pansies who were constitutionally incapable of satisfying a woman.

        You probably do have more degrees and education than me. But you’ve certainly not demonstrated any wisdom.

    6. Thank you Rob for your cogent labeling of us as rednecks because of our discussions on guns and structurally sound women, coupled with our affection for attractive, cultured rocket scientists like Roamy.

      Let’s see if your bien pensant tolerance will allow me to hold a different opinion. You are a shallow, mouth-breathing, over-entitled, undisciplined Obama voter with an ego / ability mismatch. There.
      Your reality distortion field is on, alas for reasoned discourse.

    7. Rob-

      I freely admit to being a pervert, in more ways than you could possibly imagine … but I’ll bet you’re going to have fun trying.

      Will you please admit to having a terrible case of White Knight syndrome? (And then, of course, STFU as promised once someone admitted to being a pervert.)


  9. Rob, seems like you’re the bully. This is xbrad’s blog and you waltzed in here and get the vapors.
    Lay off the gluten or get a follow-up with your doctor, your dick implant isn’t working.

  10. Fire Hydrant – thanks for the intelligent remarks (and i mean that sincerely, not sarcastically).

    Jeff – in other words, you – and probably most of the rest of you – are going to try and bully me into submission. Thanks for proving my point…and thanks for proving the stereotype of men in the army being brutish bullies.

    1. No, you pathetic simpleton, we’re not trying to bully you into submission. Your submission is irrelevant. You are irrelevant. You are nothing more than a foil to play with until something more interesting comes around (doesn’t URR owe us a post? Now would be a good time).

      You say that we don’t know you. That’s not exactly true. Sure, we don’t know who you are in meatspace, but we know who you are on this blog. Look at it from our perspective. Here you come, fresh off the turnip truck, and you start throwing around allegations that are blatantly false to anyone who has spent 15 minutes here. Then, when called on it you double-down on the standard tropes idiot leftists (like there is any other kind) use to maintain the fiction that they’re intellectually superior to conservatives. We aren’t impressed. Sure, you could have 15 degrees and a 190 IQ, but that ain’t the way to bet.

  11. Dad,
    These people are just being nice to me, give it up, your little girl has grown up.
    Love, Vanessa

  12. Vanessa and Rob aside, the Gettysburg Museum of History is a nice place, and I thought it was worth it. Another look would be good, especially with the sesquicentennial coming up.

  13. No Brad, Leery can also mean dirty, pervy, etc. Like “Look at that old man over there leering at us” Google it. And so what if i spelt it with an “a”, my finger must have slipped. You’re a fool if you think that pointing that out is somehow going to hurt me. Again, PURleese….

    1. Leery and leering are two different words. And I DID in fact google it, to give you the benefit of the doubt.

      I mean, I’m just a stereotypical ex-Army bully, and barely past the cro-magnon stage.

    2. Rob, you’re wrong “leery” only means “one who leers” in your invented definition. While it may become an accepted definition at some point, it currently is more like “NASCAR-y” than an actual word.

  14. 53 comments? Uh, xbradtc, is this “robe” homo just a sockpuppet? Tell me you’re trolling for comments.

    (haha, yeah, even fucking drun koff my balls I can manage a correct “you’re”. You see that “robe”? I am an English language. You are an homo unedumacated fuckwit. G’way.)

  15. Brad – i disagree:

    (from MY fact-checking reasearch):

    leery: an adjective used to descibe a person, in particular and old(er) man who most commonly has a slightly stained and off white vest and is looking over his glasses at a young and attractive girl that he knows he will never have a hope in hell of getting but is gonna have a nice, long stare from a distance anyway.

    ” girls pull your skirts down and button up your coats; the leery old man is at the school gate again”

    Stark – Um…NO.

    1. Well, after checking 5 dictionaries, I’ll have to disagree and say you’re more likely thinking of “lecherous.”

      “Young ladies should be leery of lecherous old men.”

    1. No rush, I’m having plenty of fun. I just know that there are plenty of people who don’t like watching poor dumb creatures being tortured.

    2. I don’t know, gentlemen. Maybe we should defer to Rob’s obviously superior intellect and ability to turn a phrase that is beyond our meager redneck ways of comprehending.
      Truthfully, he likely has a claim on Vanessa. I imagine she sends him secret messages via her pictures that one day soon, they. will. be. together. forever.

  16. OK guys enough’s enough. You win. Happy now? I think i’ve figured out (and have tired of) the mentality of 99% of you, and obviously you’re not going to change. Look, i actually know Vanessa and i don’t have to divulge in what capacity because it’s really none of your business – is it? For someone who also knows a lot of the posters on the Museum of History’s page and their respective mentalities, i saw a lot of similarities on here. I’m not going to apologize for anything i have said in defence of the bullies and their disgusting insults, but as i am mature i WILL apologize for tarring some of you with the same filthy brush. However, if you knew what i knew then you MAY be more understanding. Some of the comments on the FB page about Vanessa in the past have been downright disgusting and went way beyond anything that could be considered merely an “appreciation of her so-called beauty”. Some of you on here actually seem like decent people, and i ALMOST believe a lot of the things you have said in your defence(s). I strongly believe that if you feel the way you claim to about Vanessa then some of you would be disgusted too (as a lot of people on FB were also) if you knew what we knew. And no, Vanessa doesn’t appreciate ALL of the comments about her either – she has class.

    Goodnight and God Bless.


    1. Rob, I don’t doubt that any number of people have left inappropriate comments to or about Vanessa on the Facebook page. I’m not responsible for what people say on Facebook. But had anyone done something like that here, I would have cautioned them, or deleted their comment. I’m the proprietor here, and while I’m not responsible for what my commenter say, I do reserve the option to permit or deny any commenter or comment to stay posted.

      Vanessa seems to be a very nice lady, and the museum certainly seems to have a fine collection of memorabilia, both Civil War and from other periods. I certainly hope I’ll be able to visit someday soon.

      And while my commenters and I have been harsh with you today, let’s face it, no real harm has come to you.

    2. By the way, you personally are responsible for probably 2000 of the 12000 hits the post got today.
      Which translates into money in my pocket. So thank you.

      Also, since I am a misogynist pig, I won’t share the profits with Roamy.
      And since I’m a redneck, I won’t share them with my other coauthors.

  17. Rob’s repeated use of the word “redneck” is as offensive to me as my using the word “wetback” would be to him. Rob is a raaaaacist!

    I feel sorry for Rob’s wife – if he isn’t willing to objectify her, I’m betting he can’t satisfy her, either……. 😛

  18. “And since I’m a redneck, I won’t share them with my other coauthors.”

    Wait, what? I spend all that time being Rob and no profit-sharing? Damn.

  19. I did. The cat is a witness. Not that I would believe anything he says. He’s a jackass.

  20. what a ridiculous thread to have b*gger loads of comments on … rob sure does seem angry. and as a certified genuine british gentleman and brain scientist (honestly, i really am … it’s kind of depressing) i raise my cup of tea and slightly buttered crumpet to this post. this vanessa lady appears to be very attractive and happy with it from the photographs. i’m not aware of her tv work, i can only comment on the pictures included. but it certainly makes me once again admire the beauty that is the female form. well done, god, well done.

  21. My word, I miss a lot by being on the 2300-0700 shift, and sleeping the day away! So, anyway, I believe that is an MP-38 she has, isn’t it? It was the MP-40 that had the round cut out above the magazine housing, right?

  22. Rob, you ARE the master of internet troll douchebaggery. Thanks for sharing your dog turds of wisdom and I look forward to your continued attempts at spreading your very own particular brand “enlightenment”.
    This former U.S. Marine cannon cocker with a Catholic education that doesn’t extend past being a high school graduate has spoken! And I really don’t care if you know who I am. I have the balls to put it out there.

  23. I take offense at the implication that liking NASCAR proves that one is stupid and a redneck. I’m not stupid or at least that’s what I tell myself every morning when I look in the mirror and repeat my affirmations.

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