227th @ 50!

Outlaw 13, of Threedonia fame, gave us the heads up on this. The 227th Aviation Regiment will be celebrating its 50th anniversary on the 13th. Now, in an army that’s over 230 years old, that may not seem so old. But aviation units, of course, didn’t get started in earnest until the Vietnam War.  But in that war, and subsequent ones, some units, such as the 227th Aviation Regiment, have accumulated histories any unit would be proud of.

Outlaw13, Nick Searcy*, and film maker  Kenn Christenson have collaborated to produce this film celebrating half  a century of service. Enjoy!

*Yes, that Nick Searcy, my close personal friend, Peabody Award Winner, and International Film and Television Star, and host of Acting School with Nick Searcy.

6 thoughts on “227th @ 50!”

  1. We got nothing but top-notch support from “Attack,” a multifunctional aviation task force from 1-227 ARB during our recent NYC rotation. Great job.

    1. What do you want; video or the real deal? Searcy has no ability to kill tanks-Air Weapons Teams do.

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