Troops, vets commemorate last Korean War bayonet charge – Korea – Stripes

Warfare usually means rifles and smart bombs these days. The aging men who attended Thursday’s Korean War commemoration at the Battle of Hill 180 recalled something much more up close: bayonets.

Osan Air Base marked the anniversary of Col. Lewis Millett’s famed charge, better known as the Battle of Bayonet Hill, with a wreath-laying ceremony to honor the nine soldiers who died capturing the hill from communist forces.

The assault by Millett’s Easy Company, 27th Infantry Regiment, was to be the Army’s last known bayonet charge.

via Troops, vets commemorate last Korean War bayonet charge – Korea – Stripes.

When you join the Wolfhounds, among the very first things you are taught is incidents in the history of the regiment, such as COL Millett’s charge.

But I want to take a moment to discuss something else:

What in the sam hell is wrong with this? Really, a field grade officer? The commander of a battalion, looking like Joe Schmo the Rag Man? You couldn’t put on a tunic and a cap?

I sure rather you just ignored it an let it slide into the  mists of time than show up looking like the guy that cleans the grease traps at my local gutbomb grill.

There is a time and a place to make allowances for a tidy uniform. And that’s outside the wire. But in a garrison environment, there is no excuse for looking like this. Have we really slacked up that much?

No wonder SMA is hot and bothered about upping the standards. Maybe CSA needs to light a fire under the officer corps.


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  1. I don’t know if that hill is outside the base or not, but that’s beside the point. If you are going to lay a wreath, you wear your best. It may be cold in Korea, but you can tolerate a bit of cold to hold a memorial to our honored dead.

  2. Yes, if they can make friday a class A day then they can damned well dress the part for honors.

  3. He really should get a concealed-carry permit for his cell phone.

    Is it just me, or his salute a little…British? (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

  4. Couple of things, yeah it gets darn cold in Korea but an honors ceremony isn’t going to take near as long nor be as cold as the Marines at the Chosin, and yes some elements of the US Army have gotten that slack, and finally there isn’t anything wrong with a UK style salute, the soldier in the picture is executing a substandard American salute….pathetic. Lots of dogfaces in the US Army that have no idea what D&C means….so sad to me.

  5. He’s the commander of the 3rd Battlefield Coordination Detachment, whatever the hell that is. It’s no excuse what-so-ever but that’s not exactly the hard charging-est unit in this man’s Army.

    It’s on an Air Force Base, so I’d be interested to see what the USAF rep was wearing as well.

    I fully agree with all the previous commenters about how absolutely weak this guy is…sad performance to honor great Soldiers. Interesting to note that you really have to look to find that monument on Osan…it’s kind of hidden away.

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