Pic O’ the Day

A sniper team scans the area outside a leaders’ shura from the rooftop in the village of Baki Tana, Spin Boldak District, Afghanistan, Jan. 30, 2013. U.S. Army Photo by Staff Sgt. Shane Hamann

These guys look a lot better than the POG in the post below.

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  1. Rugged rifles they are!
    Just curious, elbow pads for elbow protection, knee pads for knees, does the Army issue an ass pad for when you have to sit in combat?

  2. I’m aging myself obviously. Is the stock on the Mk14 EBR synthetic and chambered in 7.62 NATO like the M-14/M-21??

  3. That was very interesting thanks for the sites to read. There were many old soldiers from the “Herd” who intently watched and monitored the re-activation of the Brigade. I was on jump status until I retired in 2009 and at the tender age of 59. Young paratroopers always had fun with my age saying things like “yeah, old SGT Dunlap…you know in dog years he’s dead.” I took it as a compliment. Thank-you for the education…very much enjoyed. Regards

  4. If all else fails, he can eat Chief. Cats have 4 drumsticks, after all. We are going to have our second ice storm in two weeks here Sunday, and my car died Saturday. It has been having thermostat problems, and on my way home Saturday, it overheated. I pulled over down the off ramp, and let it cool a little, put on my thermal gauntlets, and started to vent the radiator cap. When I took it off, a geyser of COLD water came out, confirming the peoblem was the thermostat. I topped off the coolant, and hopped back in, turned the key, and rrrrrrrrrrrrr. I finally hat to have it towed, and I had other uses for that $100.00.
    Since it did not fire, or cough, I am wondering if one of two things may have happened.
    A) There was steam venting from the overflow tank. Perhaps steam was sucked into the air intake tube, and soaked the air filter. Since it was 7 at the time, I may have had a frozen air filter, prohibiting any air getting through. No air, no combustion.
    B) Thursday, I fueled the car, and put in a bottle of HEET. My car has a 10 gallon tank, and one bottle treats 12 gallons. However, we have had a winter of large swings in temp., and very moist air. Could it be possible that the tank had more condensed water than one bottle of HEET could deal with? When I get home in teh AM, I shall open the hood, take out the battery, and the air filter. I shall dump in a second bottle of HEET, and take the air filter inside, and the battery into the garage, and put it on the charger. Tommorrow late afternoon, I will put the car back together, and see if it starts. It is time for something new, a truck, preferably, but I had hoped to make it until summer. Ah well, the best laid plans of mice and Badgers gang aft agley.

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