Truman Strike Group Deployment Delayed

Very interesting news on the Navy website:

The Secretary of Defense delayed the deployment of USS Harry S. Truman and USS Gettysburg Feb. 6. The deployment was originally scheduled for Friday, Feb. 8.

The affected ships have begun formally notifying the men and women of the Harry S. Truman Strike Group (HST CSG) that they will not be deploying.

via The Stupid Shall Be Punished: Truman Strike Group Deployment Delayed.

Army Brigade Combat Teams aren’t the only folks that are going to get hit hard by budget cuts and uncertainty.

One can guess that the Truman’s embarked air wing is going to see flying hours cut back pretty soon. One interesting thing about aviation, as flying hours go down, accident rates go up. Pilots lose proficiency, and frankly, planes that don’t fly are harder to maintain than those that do.

3 thoughts on “Truman Strike Group Deployment Delayed”

  1. What makes you think that maintenance is going to concern the DOD. In the Cartyer years M&R went down the tubes.

  2. I remember the Clinton years, when the only thing we were short of was commitments. We would strip aircraft coming off cruise so that we could send the parts to depolyed squadrons, then as soon as the ship would pull in everyone went on 3mo basket leave.

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