Ice, Ice, Baby

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Here’s something you may not know.

Tracked vehicles, particularly if they have fresh pads on the tracks, have terrible traction on ice and packed snow. Worse than wheeled vehicles. Especially when it comes to stopping. I’ve seen M1 tanks sliding around like a hippo on an ice rink. And been for a few wild rides myself in M113s and Bradleys.

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  1. One has to imagine the tanker in the driver’s hatch AND the train conductor each had smelly shorts after that one…..

  2. I’da reamed the driver had I been the TC. Just a bit reckless ifn you ask me. It’s possible the TC put him up to it, but kind of doubt it.

    Brad, do you recognize the tank? The Stop sign is in the US pattern, but that ain’t a US tank, unless it’s an early M-60. The clip does look like it might be old as we don’t outline stop signs in yellow anymore. It’s definitely a diesel powered Turkey.

    The pic is a bit too dark for me and my tired eyes.

  3. Truck, train. Makes no never-mind. Compute target movement rate with TOF and call shell mix/fuze mix.

  4. And its real fun being in one of those vehicles in an uncontrolled slide when it hits dry pavement going sideways. In Germany in 1982 we lost an ITV down a hill when it slid on an ice covered road and sideways hit dry pavement. It rolled, crashed through the guard rail and rolled seven times down a gill before smashing into a garage. No one killed but all three crewmembers badly injured. I got to be the survey officer on that one….not pretty.

  5. PLQ,

    I was the FDO of a M109A3 battery and XO of an M110A2 8″ battery. We also got extensive experience on the M101A1 105mm and M114A1 “Pigs” (which I loved, note avatar), when shooting for TACP training and Fallbrook. We shot a LOT out at 29 Palms in the mid-late 80s. By the time I had a battery at Lejeune and Okinawa, and was a Bn XO, we had all transitioned to M198, which was a good but very heavy towed howitzer. Since replaced with the M777A1, which I understand the cannon crewmen like very much.

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