USARPAC Post Gets Australian General – Business Insider

As the Pentagon pours attention and resources into the conflict-ridden Asian-Pacific theater, it’s made an unheard of command choice.

The AP reports Australian Maj. General Richard Burr is now Deputy Commanding General for Operations at U.S. Pacific Command (USARPAC) out of Hawaii.

It’s the first time a non-American has served in such a high-ranking position at this type of command.

via USARPAC Post Gets Australian General – Business Insider.

Interesting.  Back in my 25th ID days, as an element of USARPAC, generally the only deployments the division made to the far side of the Pacific were Team Spirit to Korea, Cobra Gold to Thailand, and some small bilateral deployments to Japan.

We did have some other interesting events. My squad leader went to Indonesia for two months to attend a jungle warfare/tracking school.

While separation from friends and family is a burden, short peacetime deployments are usually pretty interesting and fun.