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Even before sequestration goes into effect, the Navy is going to cancel major maintenance on 23 ships in just two weeks.

Here’s the thing. Ships cost a lot of money to build and operate. But the cost a heck of a lot more to replace if you fail to maintain them.  Now, the Navy really doesn’t have much choice here, but this is a classic example of a false economy. In the end it will cost more than it saves.

Mind you, much of the same maintenance challenge is facing all the services, but ship maintenance is simply the most visible, and immediately noticeable aspect of this.


Dude, every man everywhere already knows women are expensive and high maintenance.


Apparently, fiberglass tubes are tools of teh debbil!

The inert tube for a Stinger is less deadly than a baseball bat. Now, it may well have been stolen from the Army (or just “wandered off”). The picture is pretty small, but it looks more like a handling trainer than an expended tube.  But that is hardly cause for alarm among the citizens. Still, at least the article leads off with the fact it is inoperative, unlike the clownish show by the LAPD that would lead people to think real rockets were floating around.

A side note, we had empty AT-4 tubes floating around in the platoon at most units. And I’m pretty sure someone, somewhere signed for them. But how would you collect a statement of charges against them? The tube is simply left over from firing a live weapon. It can’t be procured through the normal supply chain. How do you put a dollar figure on what is basically trash?

And of course, John at the Castle has his own selection of tubes.


Good luck making that stick…


More later.

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  1. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after looking at many of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I stumbled upon it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back regularly!

  2. Actually, the Navy does have choices. Eliminate the Diversity Directorate in Millington immediately. Reduce the number of Flag Officers by 25-50%. Cease work on the LCS, also immediately. That will fund all the maintenance they can do to our nation’s most expensive weapons systems.

  3. Hell yes. We need to take away from this that “transformational” is a fool’s errand, and evolutionary changes are the most important.

  4. Reinforcing failure since 2008, this is your Navy.

    Seeing two carriers and a slew of Burkes on the list was a bitter moment. It is positive proof that the US government is not serious about winning wars or controling the sea. The effects will unravel with time, as we put our fleet and it’s sailors at risk.

    Our Navy has made some poor choices, and there seems to be no effort to recover lost ground. URR, your ideas are a good start.

    Here is my prediction of follow on effects:
    1) longer deployments
    2) less reenlistments
    3) more C-4 CASREPS for ships
    4) more ships failing INSURV
    5) Japan goes nuclear, esp. if PBHO zeros out our nuclear warheads.
    5) Pain and conflict in Asia. We are one dogfight away from a war over some islands in the South China Sea. Just because we trade with China does not preclude a war. See WWI and WWII.

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