A little help for my friends…

Times are tough, and money is tight all around. Trust me, I know.

But a dear friend of the blog (and Lex thought the world of him, so you know he’s a good man), is in a bit of a crunch. He’s Dave Harvey in his own words:

Hey y’all, Padre Harvey here.

Could use some prayers over this way, as we’re going thru a pretty big financial crunch right now. Since returning from deployment/school in November, I have yet to receive a penny from the unemployment office. Anyone who knows anything about California will realize that it is nearly impossible to reach their office by phone, so I have no recourse at this point. To make matters worse, the Guard owes me nearly $7k in bonus money that they have yet to make good on.

So, we have money apparently “earmarked” for us somewhere, by someone, but most creditors won’t accept that excuse in lieu of payment!

Thanks guys (and gals) – just wanted to share that with y’all. Please remember us in your prayers.

Dave has managed to make Captain two out of the three fighting services*, and would really like to make it in the third. A former active duty and reserve Marine officer, Dave left to attend seminary, with the goal of becoming a Navy chaplain, to minister so sailors and his beloved Marines (the Navy provides chaplain services to all the sea services). Along the way, he accepted a commission in the Rhode Island National Guard, and deployed with them for a year to Kuwait.

But he’s between callings right now. And getting money owed to you is a much slower process than the government getting money from you.

So first order of business, pray hard. (Rusty, you can substitute good vibes or a moment of quiet reflection). Second, if you’d like to Paypal him a little bit, contact me via email. I don’t want to put his addy out to the world, but will be happy to facilitate any support you can offer.

But Dave’s real problem is car trouble. His old car is never gonna get a go on the smog check here. Anybody with access to a spare car in the San Diego area, or that knows of a good lead, definitely hit me up.

2 thoughts on “A little help for my friends…”

  1. Next payday is the 7th, and I think I can send him a few sheckels then. I will contact you a little closer to then. I also just got my W2s, and if I file elctronically, I should get the refund pretty fast, and can send some more then. Dave is a Good Person, and deserves help.

  2. XBrad please e-mail me the pay pal info. I was goingto do my monthly bills tomorrow anyway. Sending a little cash to Padre Dave will be much more satisfying than what I send to NJ Gas and AC Electric.

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