My Cup Runneth Over

…with steaming hot coffee.   A most gracious Christmas gift from our most gracious host.  I wasn’t able to retrieve it from our Montpelier Office until yesterday.

Here is the handsome BTHBTS kitchenware, in operation.  Note the jackass cat, left, for scale.


Another view, on window sill.   Temperature outside this morning was reportedly -19.   (Sure glad we are making the economy-crushing Global Warming agenda so important.)


Many thanks for the thoughtful gift, XBRAD.    Truly.

[UPDATE-XBrad]: If any of you readers out there are interested, I’ve got a Zazzle store to sell the mugs or travel mugs. And if you want it customized, contact me and I can gin something up.

6 thoughts on “My Cup Runneth Over”

  1. I like the cat hair for scale too. Nice touch. The Armorer seems to getting a bit lax in that department. I did notice, too, that the pic did not embiggenate. Let’s get with the program. You’re standards seem to be lower than the Army on that part.

  2. The cat’s name is Chief. Otherwise known as either “Stop that, jackass!” or “Leave me alone!”

    He is actually an amusing little fella, and friendly as can be. Smart, too.

    1. I have had some tomcats in my day that I dearly wish were still around. I like cats, they are toasty warm on the lap in winter.

  3. Can’t stand cats here. Not because I don’t like them, but my wife is quite allergic to the fur. I’m a dog man, for the most part, anywayz. Don’t have one ’cause of the family situation, but that will change in the not too distant future.

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