Griffin Test on US Navy Patrol Craft

Port bow view of the US Navy (USN) Cyclone Cla...
Port bow view of the US Navy (USN) Cyclone Class Coastal Defense Ship, USS MONSOON (PC 4) getting underway while exiting Apra Harbor, Guam after completion of Coordination Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) Exercise, while executing the first trans-Pacific cruise of a Patrol Forces boat. Location: APRA HARBOR, GUAM (GU) NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS (MNP) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Griffin short range missile recently udnerwent a test firing from the USS Monsoon (PC-4) patrol craft.  The addition of a short range guided missile capability to the PC class would be a big leap in capability for the ships and any successor for dealing with swarm attacks for small craft.


Via Information Dissemination.