Falklands warship sinks in Argentina

The Holy Trinity, a warship used to land the first Argentine forces in the Falklands War with Britain in 1982, has sunk, the navy said.

via Falklands warship sinks in Argentina – Telegraph.

Oh dear. The ARA Santisima Trinidad seems to have sprung a leak. She had been out of commission, in reserve for a few years. But still, the state of maintenance in the Argentine Navy is pretty bad if something like this happens. Our Navy has been able to lay up ships from World War II to the present day without them sinking at their moorings.

Falklands warship sinks in Argentina - Telegraph

8 thoughts on “Falklands warship sinks in Argentina”

  1. Argentina’s President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has been making noises about going after the Falklands again… I think this is God or Fate issuing her a stern warning that past mistakes should not be repeated.

  2. i can only concur with the above posters … either that, or the SBS has got really really sneaky ..

  3. I note that Kirchner has been arranging arms deals with China, and Venezuela. I hope neither her or her advisors are bolstering inventories to prep for another attempt.

    1. No worries, mate. Only no-maintenance equipment would survive the Argentine experience. They have a ship siezed in a foreign ports for failure to pay creditors.

      1. Beside the sailing ship, they had a destroyer stuck in South Africa with an engineering casualty because the supplier would only deliver parts cash up front.

  4. I updated ARA Santisima Trinidad’s wikipedia page with the relevant info in a couple places. 😀

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