The Media is Stupid

You already knew that, of course. For those of you that ride the short bus, what they’ve labelled the mount for bayonet and grenade launcher is, in fact, the sling swivel.¬† Where you can mount a scary sling. Which is very intimidating. Though most new tactical slings actually mount using the front sight. And the bayonet is mounted on the bayonet lug, which is forward of the sling swivel. And for the record, I’ve been around a bunch of idiots armed with M16/AR15/M4 series weapons, and never yet seen one dumb enough to actually try to use one as a spear. A pike, maybe. But not a spear.

As for the grenade launcher, mounting one uses neither the sling swivel nor the bayonet lug. It has its own hardware kit to mount on the weapon.

Look, if the media gets incredibly simple stuff like this wrong, how well do you think they do on complex issues?

Further evidence of the stupidity, or possibly mendacity, of journalists can be found in this incredibly ill informed piece at Slate. Quite rightly, the comments quickly point out that the author is an idiot, and the evidence he cites actually argues against his thesis.

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  1. In addition to this I would like to point out the stupidity of our elected officials, when it comes to this sort of thing. For example, let’s see what happens when you ask a US Congressperson about “assault weapon” features …

    (Just watch it – I promise it’s worth it!)

  2. Someone said it on another post. We should all pay heed.

    The job of the “mainstream media” is not to investigate or report. Has not been for three decades or more. NOW, the job of the Matthews and Maddows and the rest is to demonize, dehumanize, and de-legitimize. Same as CTC, if you pay attention.

    Gun owners who believe in the Second Amendment are “extremists”. Not “Islamic Extremists” mind you. Because you have to be Muslim to be that, and the term offends our enemies to boot. But “extremists”. Whom, if you own guns, makes you just as guilty as Loughner and Lanza and Holmes. Violent, you are. Violent extremists. Innat how the Obama Administration now defines America’s enemies? Why, yes, I think so. Who should listen to murderers and enemies about such things as liberty and tyranny? They above all other people should have their rights restricted and freedoms curtailed. For the safety of everyone, especially the children.

    They are no more than Pravda or TASS or Der Sturmer, or Goebbels’ Ministry. Watch closely the tried and true tactics of totalitarianism. And the end of our Republic.

    1. There are over 300 million legal guns in this country. The grabbers will be lucky to get a third of them. The Republic isn’t going anywhere. Stand by for heavy rolls, though.

  3. It’s every topic the MSM writes about or telecasts. Mouth breaters every one of them.

    Forex, the last time I was on the front page of a newspaper, my name was misspelled, and I was misquoted.

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